Friday, 7 December 2012

Christian Louboutin Wishlist

I think I can safely say it's most girls' dream to own a pair of beautiful Christian Louboutins, with the coveted red sole and I can happily admit that I'm no exception. I'd give my right arm for a pair of these. Everyone seems to be talking about them at the moment and I even heard that the sales of red paint in DIY stores has gone up this year!!! I've been doing some browsing drooling over the website and I've put together my top picks (it was tough!)...

The New Simple Pump is my personal favourite from the collection of "classic" Louboutins. I prefer a round toe, to a pointy one. My graduation shoes look a little bit like this actually, but it'd be a complete dream to proudly collect my degree in these beauties!
I love an understated nude shoe to go with a beautiful dress and these are simply gorgeous. I've gone off the platform at the front that most heels seem to have these days, so these would be perfect for me, and I really like that they're such a subtle girly shade of pink.
Do I have to explain why I love these? They're covered in pink gems, what on earth more could a girl want in a shoe???
These suede beauties would be so perfect for christmas parties and I want them in black too!
I've always really wanted a pair of navy blue heels, not entirely sure why... but I can imagine pairing these with jeans and pretty shirts for more casual nights out or cocktails with the girls!
I've got one pair of boot-style heels and they're lace up wedges. I'd love to own a proper pair like this, I can think of so many outfits to put them with already!

If you could own any pair of Louboutins, which would you choose?

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  1. They are all so beautiful! Whyy do they have to be soo expensive :(
    Sofia x

  2. I'm with you on preferring rounded toe shoes to pointed ones. And I especially love those navy blue Louboutins - they would look so nice with jeans to make a casual outfit more dressy!


  3. High heels can make your legs look longer and thinner, and add instant punch and style to an outfit. But they can really hurt, and cause ugly looking corns and callouses.

  4. Sparkly shoes! I love them. The navy ones are quite pretty too.


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