Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas Gets Worse Every Year #1dream

Hello lovelies! I've got something a little different for you today :) Most of you will already know that I go to St Andrews University, where there seems to be a disproportionate number of student Acapella groups. The Other Guys are undoubtedly the most famous of the lot, and with good reason, their harmonies are pretty spectacular! This year they've released a really cracking Christmas song called Christmas Gets Worse Every Year and their hope is to make it to the #1 spot in the charts. Most importantly though, money raised from sales of the singles will go towards the St Andrews Students Association Bursary Fund, which aims to raise £30,000 in order to help a number of prospective students with the demanding living costs of attending our university.

They're already doing amazingly well, and have created quite a stir up and down the UK, it's been featured on the news, in the papers and even celebrities like Stephen Fry tweeted that he loves the song!  If you haven't had a cheeky listen yet, I recommend you do! Not only because I want to show my support for my university and some of it's amazingly talented students, but also because it really is a great Christmas song (one actually about Christmas) which I think really deserves a top spot in the charts. It would be nice to see a traditional Christmas tune at number one this year, rather than something churned out by the XFactor, or by boycotters of the show!

Doesn't it just give you that warm fuzzy Christmas feeling? If you've had a listen and you love it, support this great cause and give it a share (if you tweet it, don't forget to include the hashtag #1dream!) - and if you really love it you can purchase it on Amazon and iTunes to help them make it to Christmas #1!

Love the sound of The Other Guys, or know someone who might? Download their Christmas Album!

*Just to clarify, I haven't been paid or asked to write this post in any way, all opinions are totally my own. I genuinely love the track and want to do my bit towards supporting my university and the really great cause The Other Guys are fundraising for.
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  1. Love your blog! Great to find another blogger frm St A!x

  2. Thank you for this link! I remember listening the Royal Romance song and I really liked them back then. So this christmas song is awesome, went straight to my facebook wall :)


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