Saturday, 15 December 2012

Outfit: The Hobbit

Hello dears! Over the last few weeks I've been so super excited to see the movie adaptation of The Hobbit. I remember reading it in my last year of primary school, and I totally fell in love with it. It's one of my favourite books and I was always disappointed that they'd made a film out of LOTR before doing The Hobbit. My last exam of the semester was on 12th, which meant seeing the film on the first day it came out was a perfect way to celebrate!

Our cinema in St Andrews is a teeny tiny old theatre (only 2 screens!), so a friend and I went over to the big cinema in Dundee to see it in all of its HD and 3D glory. I am so glad we did!!! It was incredible. Usually I hate 3D films, they give me a headache... but the 3D in this was so subtle you didn't even notice it after a while. The story is done so well, the quality was brilliant and the panoramic shots of the various locations were absolutely incredible. I think my favourites were Rivendell and inside Erebor. Can't wait for the next film!

Enough nerding out about The Hobbit, here's what I wore to go see it!
Jumper: New Look (old) // Jeggings: Hollister // Coat: H&M // Shoes: Primark // Necklace: Rockfish

I was lucky enough to win the necklace I'm wearing from the lovely jewellery and accessories brand Rockfish (formerly Ecetera) that I have featured many giveaways with. Thank you so much Eve, I love it! ♥
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  1. I love the shoes. I have been eyeing up the nude version in my local primark


  2. Ah I'm so glad the film was good and definitely the perfect end of exams celebration :) I love the studded jumper and shoes and that necklace is adorable! xx

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  3. awww amazing outfit :)
    you are sooo cute and your blog is adorable!

  4. Ohh that necklace is pretty, I love bows hehe!
    I love your outfit, the jumper and shoes are gorgeous.

    The obbit is actually one book I have never read, I really must give it a read, along with the hunger games.

  5. thanks for sharing.

  6. I still haven't seen it. :( This was one of my favorite books as well as a kid. My sister saw it and told me that they leave it on a cliff hanger and that it's split unto 3 films. I was a little sad about that, so I put it off. But darn it, I really WANT to see it!


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