Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Purse Friendly 'Tips' - 2 Manicures for £5 #9

Hi Everybody,

It's that time again! Time for a Christmassy edition of Purse Friendly Tips!
This post comes to you from a sea of boxes! I'm writing this on Friday night, so by the time it goes up on Tuesday, I'll be on my way up to my new house or unpacking the sea of boxes! Needless to say I'm stressed out, but painting my nails has been calming me down, as has thinking of more ideas for future PFT columns!

This month I've been unable to take my supplies photo. I did my first nails, and then my striping tape went missing, or got packed, it's hard to tell! And then it was night time... Excuses, excuses!

So here is a comprehensive list of what I used for this post:

You will need:
MUA All Nude - White creme - £1 at Superdrug
MUA Shade 8 - Red creme - £1 at Superdrug
Color Club Gingerbread - Gold holo, gold, green and copper glitter - £1.33 in a set from TKMaxx
Striping tape - 18p on eBay
Sponge - Free - Ripped off the sponge I wash my dishes with

This month, seeing as we're in the festive season, I thought I would do a daytime and a night time look rather than the usual classic with a twist and nail art manicures, so here goes!

For the daytime look I decided to go for a striped manicure where one polish would do the talking. I used no base colour, so the striping tape went directly onto my nail. One of my favourite nail bloggers, The Nailasaurus used a similar technique for a recent manicure, so I adapted that into something that I thought would be great for a simple, subtle, Christmassy look!

How to:
Step One: Stick on the striping tape. You can do whatever kind of lines you like. I did four horizontal stripes, on most of my nails, but I used diagonal lines on my ring finger for an accent nail. 
Step Two: Paint on your chosen colour. I used the red MUA creme, with white on my accent nail.
Step Three: Paint on the glitter. I did this straight away, without really waiting for the main colour to be dry.
Step Four: Peel off the striping tape. You can use tweezers for this but I didn't. i find it best not to let the polish dry, the wetter the better for getting the tape to come off cleanly.

An additional step worth mentioning, although I didn't use it, is that if you don't think your lines are clean, you can use a striping brush (or eyeliner/lip brush) dipped in polish remover to clean it up. That is the best thing about not using a base colour!

Here's how it looked:

I think this is subtle enough to be perfect for the daytime!

Night time
This is the perfect party look. It has lots of glitter, a gradient, and it's a bit more in your face!

How to:
Step One: Paint on a white base coat. I used two coats of the MUA white creme. Allow to nearly dry, you don't have to wait for ages if you don't want to.
Step Two: Place a blob of white and one of red next to each other on some plastic (I used the wrapper for a new duvet cover!).
Step Three: Swirl the colours together where they join to create a gradient effect.
Step Four: Pick the polish up with the sponge and place it on your nail. Dab it to and fro to make the gradient as gradual as you can.
Step Five: Paint your ring finger with two coats of Gingerbread to create a glamorous accent nail.

You can apply topcoat if you like. I did, and I cleaned up around my cuticles too for the sake of these photos!

Originally I planned to incorporate the glitter into the gradient, but in my opinion, it took away from the gradient effect so I chose to do a glitter accent nail. When my boyfriend asked me why I did it, I simply replied "Christmas = glitter" and that sums this manicure up for me! It is PERFECT for Christmas parties, and when you want something special for the holiday season!

Here it is! This could potentially be my favourite gradient I've ever done, using white means you get a beautiful effect as the red turns pink, I love this!

This looks more pink than red because it has mixed with the white, but it's red, I promise!

So that's it from me for this month, I hope you enjoyed the post!

Head over to my blog and let me know if you've tried either of these looks, or any other looks I've created in this column.

And most of all, have a lovely Christmas and New Year and see you back here in 2013, when I'll be blogging from my new house!

Lots of love and happiness,



  1. These are great :)


    1. Thank you! So glad you like them!

  2. Ahh I love the stripey ones, so cute and Christmassy!
    I still haven't mastered the gradient thing though...

    Jesss xo

    1. Glad you like them! The stripy ones looked so pretty, I kept my nails like that for four days!

      Gradients take a bit of practice, I found the easiest way was the Nailasaurus tutorial, you should check that out!

  3. So pretty, Rachael. I like them both, but there is something really special about the striped mani.

    1. I'm so happy you like them! As soon as I did the striped one I fell in love, I think I'm going to do a different variation of that for my Christmas Day nails!

  4. These posts never let me down they are both stunning, i think my favorite is definitely the first one :)

    1. Thanks Charlotte! I think the stripy ones were definitely a hit! I keep seeing other colours and thinking I want to do a stripy manicure again!

  5. Again another fantastic nail tutorial!


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