Monday, 3 December 2012

What to Wear to a Holiday Office Party*

With the holiday season upon us, you're probably already dreading the annual holiday office party at work. Not only will you have to socialize and mingle with high powered corporate executives and CEOs, but you'll also have to find the perfect outfit to help you put your best foot forward. With so many options out there, the line between appropriate and inappropriate party attire for a business event can become a bit blurred, but with the following tips, you're sure to impress with an outfit that wows for all the right reasons.
1. Stay away from anything tight, low-cut and revealing. One of the most common mistakes women make when dressing up for corporate events is dressing too sexy, which reflects poorly on their character and sense of propriety. Therefore, skirts should be no shorter than an inch above the knee, your shoulders and back should be completely covered, and no cleavage should be shown in the front.

2. MissesDressy party dresses with sequins, metallics, or heavy embellishments should be saved for your best friend's Christmas bash or a New Year's Eve party. Don't show up in any crazy prints or cuts either; in the professional world, solid, neutral and dark colors are usually the norm. Your party attire should only be a bit more formal than what you wear everyday to work.

3. Although it's important to go for a toned-down look for your holiday office party, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to go with the boring, frumpy black dress sitting in the back of your closet either. A nice navy blue or burgundy cocktail dress that flatters your figure and hugs your body is perfectly acceptable, granted it isn't too tight or revealing. MissesDressy cocktail dresses with long or short sleeves that sit right above or at the knee usually work the best for holiday parties; not only are they appropriate, but they'll make you feel pretty as well!

4. If you want to have a bit of sparkle in your ensemble, it's best to find a simple dress and then spruce it up with accessories, as this will ensure you don't pick a dress that's too over the top with rhinestones or sequins. However, be careful not to go overboard with your accessories either; stay away from bold, dangling earrings or statement jewelry. A simple pair of diamond or pearl studs and a tennis bracelet should suffice.

5. If you're unsure of yourself when it comes to appropriate attire, have a friend go shopping with you. Getting a second opinion is always a good idea, especially if you don't trust your own judgement.

6. Regardless of what outfit you choose, wear it with confidence! Even if you make a mistake and show up in something a little too formal or casual than what the crowd is wearing, a confident smile and attitude can take the attention off your wardrobe and put the spotlight back on you!


  1. That dress is beautiful! Wish I had a decent occasion to wear something that pretty! :)

    Great post!

    F x

  2. Great post, very informative. For formal events I just stick to simple black dress with unique heels, perhaps not too high depending on the work place. new follower

  3. Hi Rachael,

    Awesome tips. We never know what to wear at special events
    so we usually end up dressing the expensive way. We go to a dress shop we trust and let then know were we are going and they dress us from head to toe. Really we have no fashion talents at all! I like your tips and maybe it will help us outfit ourselves for the next special event.
    Good post.
    Love, Joann xoxo


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