Monday, 14 January 2013

Nails: La Femme Beauty - Electric Blue

Hello! Is it snowing where you are? I'm really excited to finally see some snow this year, but I think St Andrews is the only place in the UK where the little white flakes haven't started falling from the sky yet! I've been working super hard on my dissertation (driving myself stir crazy watching endless videos of monkeys), which is a total downer when my classes don't even start for another two weeks and I really just want to be relaxing and enjoy my holiday!

On a positive note though, the long holiday has given me the opportunity to try and fix the absolute mess that working in a bar has made of my nails. They aren't as beautifully manicured as they were over the summer, but it's getting there. All my hard work will be undone when I start work again this week, of course!
While this isn't an entirely festive colour of varnish, you can't deny that it isn't absolutely beautiful! Electric Blue by La Femme Beauty cost me a measly £1.99 at a duty free shop. It applied like a dream and even though I've got a coat of Seche Vite on top, it really didn't need it, the electric shine was just as brilliant without it. This is only one coat of the polish too - altogether a total bargain!
This is definitely a polish that's going to be making more of an appearance on my nails over the next few months. I might even see how it fairs with my stamping plate :) What do you think? ♥


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  1. What bar is it you work in in St Andrews? My flatmate's from around there and I drunkenly told her I read a girls blog that worked there and she was just curious as to where :) xxx

    1. Haha it's called Ogstons, if she's a local she'll definitely know it all too well! But I'm first and foremost a student here, I only work one or two nights a week and I only started in September so she won't likely recognise me :) Such a small world! x

  2. Wauw, that looks so amazing! We are actually having a deal at the moment in one of my favorite shops where that brand is now only €1.50 and I bought a glitter topper. I wish I had bought a normal colour because it looks awesome for just one coat! xo

  3. It's been snowing here (York) all day but sadly not enough to get me a day off work! The electric blue polish is such a lovely colour and such a bargain too!

    Good luck with your dissertation - I did mine so long ago that I've just about managed to block out the memories! :-)


  4. Such a beautiful colour! x

  5. I know! Well if I ever go home wi' her for a drunken weekend I'll definitely let you know! Haha x

  6. I've seen these polishes before but never given them the time of day, but this is gorgeous!! Definitely going to keep my eyes open for it!

  7. I love this colour! I've never heard of La Femme Beauty but I'll be keeping an eye out for the, this is just gorgeous.

    Jesss xo

  8. We have something common again, my hometown is the only one in Croatia where the white flakes haven't started falling yet. And the whole country is swamped up to the neck. I want it too! :(
    Blue is my fav color, and this one is just breathtaking! Wanted!

  9. That colour is just lovely! The shade of blue reminds me of Nails Inc Baker Street. Good luck with your dissertation - just keep thinking of all the great balls and parties when it's all done and dusted :) XX

  10. Wow what a colour! I love blue nail polish & this one is so vibrant and has such a pop of colour. Its really pretty. I have never heard of this brand before.

  11. I used to have this colour. It's such a gorgeous blue.

    x x x

  12. Love it! always looks good no mater what you wear ;)


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