Sunday, 20 January 2013

Purse Friendly 'Tips' - 2 Manicures for £5 #10

Hi Guys,

It's that time again! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Mine was very busy but I'm now completely moved into my new house! I now feel like I can take a deep breath and relax, so this edition of my column has come at the perfect time to be honest...

By the way, you're in for some iPad photos, I lost my camera cable, then came to my Mum's (240 miles from my house - I'm still here), ordered a new cable, and then forgot my camera...

So onto my purse friendly tips! This month's column is gloomy and wintery, so it's ideal for the weather now!

You will need:
2True Shade 13 - Grey - £1.99 at Superdrug
2True Shade 10 - Dark Blue - £1.99 at Superdrug
Cling Film 

The polishes amount to £3.98 and the other supplies I'm sure come to less than £1, so these manicure comes in at less than £5 as always!

Classic with a twist
For this month's classic manicure I've chosen to demonstrate a different way of painting your nails. I used the cling film/saran wrap technique, and here's how I did it...

Step 1: Paint your nail with a coat or two of the grey polish
Step 2: Paint over that with one coat of dark blue
Step 3: Scrunch up some cling film into a ball and press it firmly onto your nail
Step 4: After a few seconds, pull it off to reveal the pattern
Step 5: Topcoat is optional

And here's how it looked:
I love this kind of manicure. This is the third time I've used cling film with my nails and I still have so many colour combos to try, especially nudes paired with neons! You can also use three colours, or four, there are no limits to your creativity!

Nail Art
For the nail art this month I decided to go for a geometric design, and here is how I did it.

Step 1: Paint on a coat or two of the grey polish
Step 2: Create a triangle with Sellotape
Step 3: Paint over your nail with the dark blue polish
Step 4: Carefully peel of the tape to reveal a triangle
Step 5: Topcoat is optional

Here is my final result:
I'm so happy with how this turned out. You could choose between this type of design with different triangles on each nail, or you could do the same on every nail, it's totally up to you, that's the great thing about nail art!

I hope you liked this post and my two designs. I also really hope that the pictorials came in handy! I'm so sorry about the quality of the photos, I'll have my camera back for the next one I promise!

Please, please, please let me know what your thoughts are in the comments section below. Even though this is not my blog, I always check back to see what you guys think about my column!

Also, don't forget you can check my blog out here: Truly Polished.

See you next month!



  1. Wow great tutorials - love the colours you're using too, especial that blue!! X

  2. I'm thrilled about the first mani, I would love to try it immediately but I have to go to work :( Love your ideas! x

  3. I started taking care of my nails & their FINALLY growibg, maybe I can try some of you styles :)

  4. Wow those are awesome ideas! Especially the first one as I have never seen that one before :)


  5. I love the first mani! I can't wait to try it out when I regrow my nails for about the billionth time!

    Lisa xx

  6. I love the first effect, the colours are so unique and I would not of thought of putting these two colours together.


  7. I have never through about using cellotape in nail art before. It worked out really well for you.

    P:S Found you on Scottish Blogger Network


  8. Thank you for sharing, love them!
    I'm gonna try them, specially the first one, do you need to wait for the first one to dry out before applying the second, or not?
    Ty again

  9. I love learning little nail art tips and tricks! I'm going to have to give that cling film one a go, thanks for sharing x


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