Sunday, 6 January 2013

Top Ten Holiday TV Shows*

One thing I love about coming home for the Christmas holidays has to be snuggling up with the family on the sofa and watching loads of films and TV shows one after another! The Christmas specials are definitely my favourite and this year especially I've been so busy I had a tonne of shows to catch up with! Even when I'm not spending time with my family, I tend to just watch TV online instead!

Here are my top 10 favourite shows to catch up on this holiday (whilst making this list I came to the realisation that I appear to choose my favourite shows largely on how much I fancy the actors and actresses in them!!).

New Girl
I absolutely adore Zooey Deschanel, especially as Jessica Day in New Girl. I definitely have a huge lady crush on her!!

I think Michael C Hall is an incredible actor and can quite easily pin Dexter down as one of my all-time favourite TV series to date. I've always been a fan of a good murder mystery, thriller type story or show - and it certainly helps that he has that he's pretty to look at too :P

Gossip Girl
I'm sure anyone who's seen so much as an episode of this will not have to ask why I've included this one, although one of my best friends really doesn't get it at all! I am not ashamed to admit I shed a bit of a tear when watching the grand finale last month. I didn't even realise it was all coming to an end. Gossip Girl is definitely my guilty pleasure, feel good TV show. Also, pretty much the entire cast are all drop dead gorgeous, so yet again, need I say more?

I know that Miranda's humour probably isn't aimed at my age group, but I just can't get enough of her TV show, I find her pretty hilarious!

Doctor Who
Anyone who knows me or has followed my posts for a while will probably have some idea that I'm a big of a massive Doctor Who fan. Almost obsessively... so, naturally, I was obscenely over-excited to watch the Christmas special on December 25th.

Just brilliant!

Mrs Browns Boys
This never fails to have me laughing my head off. My parents have been to see it live and I'm super jealous!

How I Met Your Mother
I feel like this is definitely another one of those shows where if you've seen it, you probably love it. I never miss an episode! Still wondering who Ted is going to marry!

In my younger years I was totally obsessed with Buffy and now I'm totally obsessed with Bones... I'm guessing the super buff and totally adorable David Boreanaz might have something to do with that. And since I'm such a huge fan of the youngest Deschanel sister, it only seems natural that I'd absolutely adore the older one too (I had them both down in my mental "favourite actresses" list before I even realised they were sisters!). I'm also a huge murder mystery and forensics fan. Totally in love with Brennan and Booth!

I don't think Girls has really properly hit the UK yet, but if you haven't seen or heard of it already I urge you to give it a watch. I watched almost the whole season in a day. Absolutely, heartwarmingly hilarious, quirky and brilliant.

What have your favourite shows been this festive season? ♥

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  1. Agree with your list although I have yet to watch Miranda and Doctor who.

    1. I think Doctor Who probably isn't for everyone, it's one of those shows I've grown up with and loved since I was really young :) x

  2. Love most of the same programmes as you! Will definitely give Dexter and Girls a look 'cause it seems we have similar tastes :) must admit; I shed a tear at the Gossip Girl finale too! Definitely one of my favourite episodes xx

    1. Both of those series come highly recommended by me! :) Wasn't the Elie Saab dress Blair wore for her wedding just stunning!? xxx


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