Friday, 26 April 2013

ChiChi Wish List Competition

Happy Friday guys! Now that all my deadlines have passed and my classes are over, all I've got ahead of me for the next three weeks is lots of studying for my final exams. This means I've also had time to focus on that all important Graduation Ball dress! If you follow my Facebook page you will have seen the photo of the tickets that I posted when I collected them - it's all starting to feel scarily real now!
I've created a wish list of dresses I'd pick from Chi Chi London - which one do you like best? ♥
Inocenta - check out the back of this dress, it's absolutely stunning!
Modesta - I adore the cut of the neckline!
Regina - How gorgeous is the detailing on this?!
Luz - You just can't beat the effortless elegance of a maxi dress.
Filipa - I love the colour, cut and detailing on this dress!
Ivette - Loving the contrast of the top and bottom sections of this dress and the pretty sequin details!

Which dress would you choose? ♥

You can enter this competition too by clicking the link here and following the instructions! It ends at 5pm today though so hurry, hurry!
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  1. I put Regina in my wishlist, too - it's stunning, isn't it!?
    I really like Inocenta and Luz, too. Gorgeous choices :)
    Good luck with the competition!!

    Jesss xo

    1. Thanks, you too! I actually want all the ones I've chosen! X

  2. Regina is soo pretty! I'm going to check out chi chi now its my 21st and I am desperately looking for a dress :) great picks! xo


    1. They have the most amazing dresses - you won't be disappointed! X


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