Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Kawaii: Cocoroni iPad/iPhone Button Stickers & Giveaway!

Two posts in one day! What! It can only mean one thing.... yesterday I handed in my dissertation *does happy dance* (Tempted to cut my face out of this picture, but I think the horrendous-ness of my face only portrays just how hard I worked on the thing!)
I had a bit of a splurge this week on some kawaii goodies. One of the things that most people find surprising about me (including my close friends!) is that I am pretty obsessed with almost all aspects of Japanese culture. I'm always reading kawaii blogs and trawling the internet for amazing cosplay costumes and cute kawaii items that I must own when I've got some spare pennies. This week I indulged and bought some pretty cute items!

I couldn't resist these super cute iPad/iPhone 3GS/4 button stickers by Cocoroni. I bought them from Go Kawaii. I've already given the little frog to my boyfriend to pop on the Home button of his iPhone and I've saved the little panda for when my Blackberry finally pops it's clogs and I re-join the dark side.

Since I've got so many of these little guys, I think it's about time I shared something with you lovely lot again. So, without further ado - to celebrate the launch of my very own URL and my new Facebook page, FOUR lucky winners will receive one of these at random - there's a bear, a seal, a duck and a tiger! Just use the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. Everytime I see Iphone cases and cute things like this in the blogger community it really makes me want an Iphone! Too bad I'm terrible with phones (I always break/ lose them) x

    1. Me too! I can't wait until I can have an iPhone again, I seriously regret the day I got a BB! :( X

  2. Miss, I can't see how the adjective "horrendous" could be associated with your face or your person. For sure, it couldn't be in any way.

    By the way, being like you a big fan of Doctor Who, I permitted myself to write an email to you, during your absence, because you had asked your readers to tell their Doctor experiment. In this email, I suggested you to write an article about The Doctor's fashion, to compare the way of clothing of each Doctor regarding their personality. I think you're probably the right person to do this, and it could be interesting for a lot of your readers, and for The Doctor's fans of course... I hope you'll think about it :)

    Emmanuel, from France :)

    1. Hi Emmanuel!

      Thank you so much for the kind comment! I feel terrible that I have not replied to you wonderful email. I wanted to take care in writing the reply so that it got the proper attention from me that I believe it deserves! I really loved the suggestions you made and I will be sure to think carefully about them and how I might be able to incorporate them into fashion posts! I promise that you will receive a response from me as soon as I've got this last deadline out of the way :)

      Thanks for being an amazingly supportive reader! X


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