Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cybercandy: Megaload Caramel Crunch Cups

Hello my loves! Today I've got some yummy treats to share with you - kindly sent to me by Cybercandy, an awesome online sweet shop where you can buy all of your favourite classics and get your hands on those hard to find international sweeties too! So, last week a Megaload King Size Variety Pack of Caramel Crunch Cups* popped through my letter box and here's what I thought...
Absolutely love the detailing on the box!
When you open up the package, it's full of these fun and adorable colourful packing peanuts - this immediately took me back to my childhood and really hyped up my excitement for what was inside. I think as I've got older a lot of the fun of eating sweets and chocolate has definitely disappeared, but this package from Cybercandy helped to bring it all back! Adding to this, the pack of chocolates was buried at the bottom of the box under all of the colourful packing - so you have to go rummaging about to find it :) I do think though, that the packaging is a tad excessive, it was a huge box for just one item.
Now onto the most important part! The chocolate! Megaload are an American brand, so I was initially skeptical, as I'm not the hugest fan of US chocolate. I also imagined these would be a lot like peanut butter cups which I find excessively salty - but to my great delight and surprise they were absolutely delicious! There were three different toppings on the caramel cups in the pack - Almond Buttercrunch, Mini M&Ms and Peanut Butter Crunch.
My favourite was definitely the M&Ms one! When you bite into the cups there's a lovely gooey caramel centre inside. Yum yum!
Have you ever tried Megaload Caramel Cups*? ♥
Megaload Caramel Cups Variety Pack available from Cybercandy for just £1.39
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  1. I haven't tried these but they sound so yummy!! :)

  2. These sound yummy. Cybercandy is my kids' favourite shop here in Brighton.

  3. omg so tasty! love cyber candy, they have the funkiest sweets xx

  4. they sound amzing! definitely checking them out x

  5. aww, what a torture is to see this. looks so good


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