Sunday, 21 April 2013

How to Transition from AW to a wintry SS

You won’t know this by looking at the weather, but the Spring/Summer season is officially upon us. This means that all the summery and bright clothes have dropped in store, making no room for all the winter clothes we so badly need – if you’ve tried, you know how hard it is to find some key winter essentials.
But not to worry; you can definitely adjust all the cute high street clothes for this colder weather and no one will be the wiser. Summer style has a certain laid back, casual vibe and the clothes hitting the shops definitely reflect this, be it with their brighter colours or more fun prints. You can easily transition these pieces back into winter clothes, so you’re warm, but still able to pull off all those Spring-esque trends.

There are so many cute dresses and skirts out there that it’s so tempting not to ignore them and you don’t have to. Pair them with tights and boots, and you’re good to go. There is a huge variety of tights that will add a bit of spark to your look. You can get them in lace, printed and even in a whole host of patterns, so you’re able to wear them anyway you like, while staying warm. A more fun and printed pair will go great with a plain dress that will really make you stand out in the winter and gives you the opportunity to show off all your pretty summery dresses too. Brands such as Joules have some really nice printed dresses that will perk up any winter look. To finalise the look, all you need to add is a really colourful coat – I’m thinking bright red – to throw on top and you’re good to go.
And to layer it up, there are some really cute cardigans on the high street too. Knitwear is an essential during this transitional weather, especially now that we have rain too. Cardigans and jumpers will keep you warm and looking stylish at the same time. I recommend a nice and bright jumper, that will stand out against the dark coats and jackets that are everywhere. One, like the one below, will be sure to brighten up your day. 
This season has also bought a larger number of cute picnic bags that are made for the beach or for parks. While these open bags may seem impractical in the constant rain, they can still be used as actual day bags for work and for those cold shopping trips. Colour blocked handbags are everywhere at the moment, and rightly so. They look so adorable, and definitely stand out against the majority of black handbags out there. They’re also large enough to fit in your umbrella, a spare jumper, or even a pair of sunglasses for those rare times when the sun really comes out. 
Finally a good pair of shoes is perfect to cheer you up. While you won’t be able to wear those cute sandals and flip flops at the moment, a nice pair of colourful flats or heels will be perfect with skinny jeans. The skinny jeans will keep you warm while the shoes will keep you looking glam. If you really don’t want to brave courts, there are also some pretty awesome looking heeled boots, with gorgeous little detailing such as studs or buckles. 
And the top picks for transitioning your style are:
Joules Dresses
A Bright Jumper
Cute Handbags
Summer Sandals

Hopefully this gives you a nice example as to how to wear all those spring/summer essentials, which it’s still cold out. Do you have any tips to share? ♥
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  1. Always strange reading these type of posting as here we are transitioning into winter.



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