Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sponsorship on Just Rach is Changing!

Hello chiquitas! I've got a little bit of blog admin to share with you today - something I hope that will get a lot of your ears pricking up in excitement. I've decided to have a complete overhaul of the system for sponsoring Just Rach in the future.
While I was relatively successfully supplying a variety of ad sizes and types in the sidebar, it became incredibly time consuming and stressful keeping up with them all and keeping my promises to each blogger or company.

For simplicity (for both me and you) and also to ensure that you get the absolute most out of your sponsorship I've decided to just have one option from now on.

For the teeny tiny fee of $5 (roughly £3.30) payable through Paypal, you can receive a 550x100 advert linked to your blog or business which will appear at the bottom of every blog post for 30 days (I post a blog every single day). I wanted to drastically reduce the price of sponsorship so that more small blogs and indie shops have the opportunity to get their brand out there, I'm a huge believer in supporting newbies and startups - all sponsorship money will go back into the blog for giveaways, review products and maintenance.

I do reserve the right to review all adverts to make sure they fit the general theme and interests of me and this blog - but I'm interested in the widest variety of things so I imagine this won't be a problem!

If you'd like to find out more about sponsorship, click here! Looking forward to working with you ♥

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