Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wednesday Want #10

One minute the sun is shining and it looks like spring and summer are finally making an appearance, the next it's freezing and pouring down and I even saw it trying to snow in St Andrews on Monday! Surely we've had enough this year!

The weather (I wish I wasn't so British, always yapping on about it!) is no doubt what prompted me to choose this week's Wednesday Want. I haven't yet tried a BB cream (shock! horror!), mainly because I assumed it would probably annoy me as much as the one time I tried foundation and ran to wash it off immediately. Recently though I've been looking far too pale and the strange cold/hot/cold weather is doing all sorts of weird things to my skin tone. I've had good experience with Witch products before, I can be safe in the knowledge they won't turn my face into a giant itchy balloon, so this product is firmly on my list of wants.
Have you tried the Witch Beauty Balm? What did you think? ♥
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