Saturday, 11 May 2013

Nails: Dotty Manicure ft. Barry M Textured, Gelly & Models Own

Happy weekend lovely readers! I hope the sun is out and you're enjoying it, wherever you are. My boyfriend handed in his dissertation yesterday, so we decided to have a cheeky day off studying today. This gave me lots of time to play around with my nails and create this cute and summery dotty manicure. I hope you like it!
Two of the things I undeniably love about the spring and summer months are pastels and neons, so I chose those colours for this mani. I've really been wanting to try out the new Barry M Textured polishes and I felt like having green on my nails, which is why I picked Ridley Road for a statement nail - the Greenberry shade complements it perfectly. I picked up the Orange Sorbet on eBay for a steal - I love how bright it is. It almost makes you feel like you're going cross-eyed when you look at it, but it adds a lovely whimsical pop of colour to the otherwise very simple green manicure.
I wasn't so sure about the textured polish to start with, but it's definitely growing on me! It looks better and better as it dries.
I really need to get on eBay and pick up a bunch of cheap nail art tools - until then, I think the pencil did a pretty good job!
Next, just pop on your favourite clear topcoat and you're ready to share your summery dotty manicure with the world!
Simple, easy and fun to do - with lovely results (in my humble opinion!). What do you lovelies think? Leave a link below if you recreate this manicure! ♥
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  1. Love them! What a good idea using a pencil, I never thought of doing that! x

  2. Love this! The pencil did a great job at dotting, they're lovely and even and the colours go so well together <3 xx

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  3. These colours go so well together!!
    My dotting tools were about £1.49 for five off eBay, get yourself some ordered girl ;D

    Jess xo


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