Sunday, 9 June 2013

Going Pin-Sane for Nail Art with #PinItForwardUK

Hello lovies, hope you've had a wonderful weekend. I want to share with you today my love for (and possible addiction to) Pinterest since they've just launched their UK site! I only came across Pinterest this year and ever since making that first pin I've been hooked. If you've never heard of it before, it's a brilliant website that allows you to create online inspiration, mood or idea boards. You can have a board for literally anything you're interested in and can pin all your favourite images and inspirations in one place.

Pinterest is a totally amazing way to gather ideas, get inspiration for projects or simply just to look longingly through boards of beautiful clothes, homes or dream holiday destinations. I'm compiling a "Bucket  List" board with my boyfriend at the moment and I'm also keeping a board of fun kids crafts which I'm sure I'll be dipping in to when I'm a qualified teacher.

My favourite board of all though, has to be my Nail Art inspiration board. I use it to pin not only my own creations, but also tonnes of gorgeous manicures that I just can't wait to try one day. It's an amazing way to get ideas for creating something unique - and there are also some fab tutorials on there too! I just love scrolling through all of the pretty designs.

I absolutely love it and find it so useful for my nail art inspiration, you can follow my Nail Art board or if you don't have an account yet you can click here to register and start pinning!
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  1. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward UK, Rachel! Your boards are filled with amazing inspirations and ideas that you have discovered on Pinterest! It's great to hear that you started a kids crafts board for your teachings- this is such a neat board! Your nail art is incredible, I especially love the Aztec nails! Lauren, Community Coordinator


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