Monday, 10 June 2013

Outfit: 50s in the City

Hello lovelies! Today I've got another outfit post for you, and more of what I got up to on my little trip home. I hadn't been shopping with my Mum since Easter and we both desperately missed our shopping sprees, so we spent the day shopping til we dropped in Manchester - my favourite place to shop.
Dress: Primark // Necklace c/o Bellast // Shoes: Primark // Nails c/o KKCenterHK // Cardi: Hollister // Earrings: The Gift Gallery (from Bob) // Watch: Pandora

I hope you like the outfit I've put together here - with the shoes and the dress I felt like I was all set to hop on my time machine back to the 50s and go dancing. It's really given me a bit of an inspiration burst to hunt around for more fifties inspired items to wear!
*Disclaimer: Some items are PR samples, all opinions 100% my own
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  1. That is such a pretty dress! :)

    Jan Loves

  2. Amazing dress! I'm going up to Manchester in July for some shopping, where would you recommend? Xx

  3. I love the statement dress and the added little touches that really shift the whole look into level.

    Those earings are beaut!


  4. Wow, that dress is gorgeous, I absolutely love 50s inspired clothing! You look lovely, this style really suits you. :) xx

  5. Beautiful dress and amazing necklace I love it!! x

  6. Ah, for my own, I don't think this kind of dress fits you. The upper (?) belt and the way it is cut gets you shorter, and... larger - oooppss... sorry for telling that 8 ( than you are. For me, it's not for you at all 8 (

    The rest is okay, especcially the clock which is great !!! 8D

    By the way, you have a good photographer, too ! (BF Bob I presume ? :) Good perspectives, nice diagonals, and most important, subject correctly placed (never centered, but lightly put on the left or on the right). Very good job !

    Great set of pics, this reminds me the Green Roof Program of New York :)

  7. This dress is gorgeous. Love the keyhole detail and how you've styled it. M x


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