Sunday, 30 June 2013

WishList: MOVMT - The People's Movement

Summer is properly and officially here for me, now that all the wildness and magic of graduation week is over. All I've got left to do is move out of my beloved flat and then "real life" begins! Aside from the sunshine, holidays, day trips and relaxation that summer brings - one thing that I always turn to is shopping, shopping, shopping! Well, I have to make up for all the lost shopping trips while I was working hard on my coursework :P

One brand I've got my beady magpie eye on is MOVMT.
So many pretty summery shoes!! They're also eco shoes, designed for a really worthwhile cause - trying to reduce harmful single use plastics.
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  1. aww how cute are those floral plimsols!

    hannah xx

  2. I love those floral shoes, they look sooo lovely!

  3. These are so pretty, love the anchor print.

    Jess xo


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