Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Review: Parks London Deluxe Gift Set

I am a fully fledged candle and diffuser addict. I love burning wonderfully smelling candles when I'm chilling out in my bedroom and I always have a diffuser to keep the room smelling beautiful all year round. I received this lovely Parks London Deluxe Gift Set for Christmas and absolutely loved using it!
Included in the gift set were four mini candles, an atomiser and a diffuser with a few sticks - all smelling gorgeously of orange, cedarwood and clove.
The wee candles didn't last too long, which was a bit disappointing, but the diffuser lasted months and I still have the atomiser spray - and they all smell gorgeous too. I didn't think I'd like smells with clove in them but it turns out it's a really subtle, soft smell.

Have you come across Parks London before? What's your favourite candle/smellies brand?
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  1. Mmm I love candles, def an addict too! X

  2. Ohh i've not come across these before, but I love burning candles - a diffuser and atomiser sound like a pretty good comprise in my house, we have a cat who also likes candles!! x

  3. Cool post. Nice candle!

  4. I'm a big fan of parks candles I buy them on white blossom is a gorgeous scent. They have a sale now on Achica for parks they have an excellent throw and smell. Sophisticated


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