Monday, 19 August 2013

Wedding: Aisha & Uzair

At the beginning of this year I attended my first ever wedding, and not only that, it was an Indian wedding too! My stunning school friend Aisha married her handsome groom Uzair. The event was so magical - the ceremony is centered around enjoying a delicious meal with friends and family, then seeing the bride and groom exchange rings and feed each other their first bit of wedding cake. I was seated at one of the top tables with some of our other friends from school, which meant an amazing view of the bride and groom in their stunning gilt thrones. Everyone was incredibly happy, the outfits and decorations were amazing, we ate divine traditional dishes and witnessed the cutting of the most stunning multi-tier cake. The atmosphere was so relaxed and fun, I loved it - and I was so happy to see my beautiful and very close friend marrying her love. I also loved the opportunity to be running around in this beautiful ball gown which I found on Persun (who stock some of the most gorgeous made-to-measure ball gowns!)

I've definitely got the wedding bug now - are you getting married soon?? Invite me! :P Have you ever been to an Indian wedding? ♥
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  1. Wow, I've never been to an Indian wedding -it looks amazing! Gorgeous outfits xxx

  2. Wow, everything looks absolutely stunning, I adore the Henna!
    I'd love to go to an India Wedding, my friend is in Bangladesh at the moment attending one and I cannot wait to see her photos when she gets back! x

  3. I have never been to an Indian wedding before, the outfits are always stunning though.
    It sounds like a magical night and you look lovely in your dress.

    x x x


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