Sunday, 1 September 2013

Being Green

Hello my lovely readers and happy September to you all! I can't believe it's come around so fast and with such beautiful weather still too, we've been lucky this summer. Although the last few months have been fabulous, I am definitely looking forward to the autumn/winter season - there's not much I love more than a good chunky jumper and some comfy boots! As usual, I'd like to say thanks to my regular readers for sticking around and a big hello to all the new faces. Welcome! Without further ado - this month's hot topic is all about being green...

I've been pretty aware of the importance of being green since I was fairly young - a keen recycler and composter at home, and part of a green scheme at high school. We grow almost all of our own fruit and vegetables at home and do our best to car boot or donate/recycle as much as possible. Originally I chose to go to university to study Chemistry, with a keen interest in green energy and a hope to go on to develop hydrogen powered fuel cells into the mainstream. Since I recently graduated with a degree in Psychology and am soon to start my PGCE, my career path has certainly taken different tack - but my attitude to being green definitely hasn't, I even took some extra modules in sustainable development while I was at St Andrews!

I've always been acutely aware of the impact that I, as an individual, might have on future generations - I feel like we've all got a huge responsibility to leave a planet behind that's worth living on. Sometimes I wonder whether it would be cruel to bring children into the world knowing what sort of future we might be heading towards... Huge leaps have been taken in order to secure green energy and reduced landfill over the last few years, but it's just not happening fast enough.

Being a blogger (and naturally a bit of a shopper and consumer!) I'm becoming more and more aware of ethical products - from fashion to beauty products to products for the home to the packaging they all come wrapped in. I often check packets to see whether they can be recycled or not and have become increasingly aware of purchasing sustainable fashion.

One huge thing that I've really been keen on recently is DIYing old tattered unwanted items and furniture to make them shiny, new and useable again. An exciting new project from both I and another blogger will be coming soon and I can't wait to share it with you all! I have dreams of living in a 100% sustainable, green and carbon neutral home one day... I'm working towards it, slowly!

Is being green important to you? How do you stay sustainable? ♥
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  1. I do applause this great post !!!

    Before attempting to become a freelance artist, my wish was to work in environmental education, and I pursued a year in "Water Management" at the university. It dealed with the problem of water in mediteranean area. Very interesting. I published something some years ago ( "how to educate public for the respect of water", I'd like to invite you to read it, but unfortunately, it is written in french :)

    Like a lot of people, I'm used to recycle cans, bottles, and so on... I only take showers and not baths (my hydrogeology teacher had told us "Don't take baths, except if you are two.. lol"), and I try to walk rather than to take the car. I also try to go to the small shops of my neighborhood, rather than big supermarkets, when it is possible ^^

  2. I'm like you, I've recently been on a bit of a "make do and mend" phase and have been customising, cutting up and re-stitching clothes I wouldn't ordinarily wear to make them into something new. We also recycle practically everything! I agree with your view on being green 100%. :)

  3. I've green at one level or another for around the last ten years which goes well with my vintage love - I'll always buy second hand over buying new if and when I can from furniture to clothes. I recycle everything when and if I can - papers, glasses and such. One thing that is a growing movement here in the US is states and say universities and even our local zoo are places banning the selling of water bottles as they are the biggest waste product and in the case of Michigan they don't have a bottle tax upon them so they just get thrown into the land fill. But it can be hard in such a vast throw away world.


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