Sunday, 15 September 2013

De-cluttering for Autumn

Since the spring clean we’ve had one of the hottest summers Britain has seen for a long time. The heat wave that took control of July saw us basking in 30 degrees worth of heat. Barbecues were out and everybody revelled in an unusual marvellous summer.

Now, however, times are changing. Temperatures have dropped and British Summer Time is ending. The year is drawing out and it’s time to de-clutter the home and get yourself ready for Christmas and the New Year festivities that follow – yes, busy months are ahead.

There’s no rest for the wicked, so it’s time to do a cleaning process. It doesn’t have to be done all at once, staggered processes work, but it does need to be done at some stage. The easiest way to clean is out with the old (and not in with the new).

Minimalism, and the happier lifestyle you can live from adopting the ideal, has been gaining momentum across the board. From simplifying your life to helping the environment, it is seemingly a win-win situation. Don’t go straight for the plasma TV yet though, baby steps are the way forward, like:

Entertainment – All those DVDs you’ve got that are taking up space while you watch everything on Netflix are just a waste. You can sell old CDs and DVDs online and make a few quid while you’re at it. Everything from games to consoles can also be a little moneymaker for you if they’re not being used anymore. You might have enjoyed Little Big Planet, but there’s a reason a sequel is out.

Wardrobes – Your wardrobe is full of stuff you love, right? Well, research found that eight out of 10 women in the United Kingdom hoard things they never wear. That’s a fair percentage and when one in eight are saying they bought clothes too small in an attempt to slim down (but never did), it’s all getting a bit silly. It might seem like an arduous task but once it’s done you will be more prepared to keep it that way. Consider a six month rule for clothing, you can often make money back by selling them online but a charity shop can always benefit from them. 

These are the first two things to have a go at. Other options include throwing out seasonal items that you don’t need anymore, downsizing the office and getting rid of books from the bookshelf in the spare room. It’s all about being honest about what you need. And, the more room you make, the more you can enjoy autumn/winter products and trends!

To start with it might seem like a long chore. But once you’ve sat down, made a list and set a plan of action it all looks easier. Plus, once it’s done, everything is streamlined. It is a popular belief that every home could lose 30% of its contents and never miss them – what about yours?
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  1. love this post - I've never thought of decluttering for the winter ahead so thank you for reminding/inspiring me to!

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    1. Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed reading it, thanks for leaving a comment. I feel like I'm forever de-cluttering but I still have too much stuff! :) x

  2. I want that closet!!!!!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for the comment - I want that closet too. My wardrobe is overflowing at the moment and it's so messy! x

  3. Great ideas!!!

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  4. I am in the throws of clearing out! Very good for the soul, but where does it all come from! Loved the post, a little at a time is best x

  5. I'm planning to clear out my wardrobe this week! I def hoard stuff I don't wear...I always think I might wear it but never do! xx

    Hips Like Cinderella

  6. I think we could lose about 75% of the stuff in our house and it'd never be missed.. I might have to forward the link of your post to my boyfriend haha!
    Saying that, he's getting better at allowing me to sell his hoardings on eBay, so I guess I shouldn't complain :)

    Jess xo


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