Monday, 30 September 2013

The Biker Jacket: Perfect Autumn Coat

I've have to admit a little something now my loves - I've never owned a biker jacket - or any leather item of clothing, faux or otherwise for that matter (aside from perhaps shoes) and I think it's about time that the inside of my wardrobe saw one of these beauties. French Connection has some a particularly stunning collection of jackets at the moment and I'd love to introduce you to my favourites.

The Classic
The Jet Leather Jacket is your typical biker. This is the sort of thing I imagine seeing on some smoking hot celebrity babe perched up on a motorcycle she probably can't even ride for toffee - but you know it'll look damn good! I especially love the shoulder details.

The Fur Collar
I love a bit of faux fur around a collar for keeping warm in the chill winds - which is why I think the Jet Faux Fur Quilted Jacket is a great variation on the classic biker.

The Tweed
It's no secret by now I'm sure that I'm a massive fan of the traditional country look - give me tweed, tweed and more tweed! I adore this tweedy twist on the classic biker. How perfect!

The Bomber
Perhaps you're not the biggest fan of the traditional leather biker and tweed isn't for you either - I really love the casual and much more versatile look of this Grand Adventures Bomber Jacket. I'm a sucker for navy blue too!

View the full range at French Connection
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  1. I LOVE biker jackets, but until last year, I'd never owned one either! I bought my very first (faux) leather jacket, in black, in January this year with a gift card I got for Christmas... and my second, in teal, in July, from the same store when it was on sale. I haven't worn the teal one yet but I'm still smitten with both. :D

    - Lix | A Classic Notion

  2. Loving the biker jacket :D its a great staple piece <3

  3. This biker jacket looks great. I think I need to get one too>

  4. They are fab! I've never owned a biker jacket

  5. When I was in my twenties I had more than one leather jacket, think it is time for another. I also like tweed, it gives the look of sophistication. Stopped by from the big bad blogs Facebook group.

  6. OMG that first one <33333 I NEED that!


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