Monday, 21 October 2013

Day 2 Night: Style Cream Trousers For Winter

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting darker and I find myself day-dreaming more and more often about snuggling up in a thick jumper with a hot drink. I find dressing for winter a pretty easy task, as I seem to have a keen radar for a good jumper at all times of year - the only trouble I sometimes have is re-purposing my favourite summer items into my winter wardrobe.

My go-to trousers this summer were a pair of gorgeous nude skinnies and so I've put together two winter outfits featuring them - one for daytime and one for night-time.
Ocean Clothes Winter Day
If you're heading out and braving the winter weather the two most important things to invest in are a good fur-lined coat and a thick knitted scarf. I have an abundance of coats and scarves (too many for just one person), I've probably got a coat for every kind of weather. I love wearing shirts in the winter, they're super versatile when it comes to layering vests underneath and jumpers on top - I think the dark plaid/checked pattern really adds a cozy feel to a wintery outfit.
Ocean Clothes Winter Nights
After a long day out in the cold I'd want nothing more than to cosy up in front of the fire (or TV!) with a hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows, and a good book. When you're lounging at home and want to be snug there's nothing quite like a big furry pair of slipper booties, a comfy tee and wintery-printed jumper.

What's your favourite summer staple that you'd love to transition into your winter wardrobe?
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  1. Superbe sélection !!!

  2. They look fab. Sadly mine is a maxi dress and I dont think it will work?! x

    1. Thanks for the comment Chelsea! I consider that a bit of a challenge - I'll think up a post and publish it soon. What colour is the maxi dress? X

  3. The evening outfit definitely looks like something I could wear, that is just so adorable! :)



  4. Really want hot chocolate now, numnumnum.

  5. That blue coat is so lovely. It look so warm and definitely goes with those nude trousers!!

    Dash x

  6. Hi, really nice post for ideas. I love the winter days shopping bag :)

  7. That blue coat is lovely!! Looks very snug, as do the slipper boots, definitely need me some new ones for the winter :)

  8. Love the coat. I really love winter indoors - love new PJ's, new dressing gown, new slippers ha ha. Just don't like the cold in the mornings!

  9. I'd blatantly spill my hot chocolate all down them!


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