Sunday, 6 October 2013

Review: Ozeri Maetsro Wine Opener by Moderna

Hello my loves! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend - it's absolutely beautiful here (17 degrees) and almost hard to believe it's October already! 

Since starting my PGCE in September, I've well and truly embraced the "teacher lifestyle" with open arms - which has meant developing a penchant for early morning coffee and a necessary glass of vino whilst looking over notes in the evening. How civilised! :P
My new found love of a glass of wine to finish off the day meant that this Ozeri Masetro Wine Opener* has come in a complete treat and it looks fantastic sat in my kitchen too.

Included in this absolutely lovely storage box: Mains adapter, Wine opener, foil cutter and charging base.
The wine opener has this gorgeous LCD display which has a temperature sensor and indicates the level of charge. There's a clever little infrared spot on the back of the opener which reads the temperature - so the idea is that you hold up your bottle of wine to the sensor and it reads the temperature of the wine. If you're not holding anything in front of the sensor it just reads room temperature - which means it doubles up as a cool thermometer and looks great sat in your kitchen when it's not in use!
The foil cutter is super sharp and works wonderfully, the foil just pops right off! Check out my badly shot vine below to see it in action!
And finally, the wine opener itself is fantastically easy to use! It works so well a simple push of a button sets the corkscrew going which will automatically stop when it's done. Push another button and the corkscrew winds itself back up leaving the cork popping just enough out of the bottle to easily pull out the last bit by hand.
Check out the rest of Ozeri UK's gorgeous kitchen range on Amazon.

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