Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Top Picks for a Shuperb Winter*

Shuperd Winter
You're all probably more than aware by now, since I write about them an awful lot, that I have a bit of a problem with shoes. Winter shoes especially are always an issue for me. In the summer life is easy because I can dig out my endless supply of adorable little flat ballet shoes. In the winter I'm faced with the dilemma of wearing weather appropriate shoes that still look cute, are the right colour for the season and match my outfit.

I've been a-searching on the wonderful shoe-y world of Shuperb and found lots of lovely wintery shoes to choose from. How adorable are those little nautical wellies!? I feel like they'd come in perfectly when it's not *quite* rainy enough to whip out the Hunters. I also threw in a couple of pairs of pink flats that my beady eye spotted (you can never have enough pink flats) but balanced out with a beautiful but simple pair of black loafers (only £5!)

What are your favourite winter shoes?
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