Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Nails: French Mani - Essie Imported Bubbly

Happy Wednesday! I've got a rather quick post today - it's my 3rd teaching assessment observation day today so I'm a little stressed out making sure my planning is perfect!

I really love a good french manicure, it's one of my favourite things to have on my nails. Even though I'm a huge fan of all things glittery and colourful, there's nothing like a simple, clean, classy Frenchie! I love Essie Imported Bubbly for adding a little bit of a twist to the traditional french manicure. It adds a lovely pinky sheen, which I think almost looks like false nails. I usually do my white tips freehand with a cheap white nail varnish because I actually find this much more hassle-free than using a tips kit or tape.

Are you a french manicure fan? Do you do your tips freehand or use a kit?

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