Sunday, 12 January 2014

12 Steps to Flourish in 2014: January

When browsing through the most recent copy of Psychologies magazine (my favourite glossy) I saw a really great article outlining how to turn your life around in 2014 and boost your sense of well-being called FLOURISH. This isn't like the usual glossy mags NY resolution pages with tips on how to diet and what make-up to wear etc - this has some really great steps (based on psychology research) that are easily achievable and guaranteed to get you results.
I've given up making New Years resolutions because I never stick to them, even when I trick myself and try to call them "goals" instead. They always get forgotten about by the end of the month. Usually it's such a mammoth task to achieve that I just can't face even trying. Inspired by the article and on a bit of a mission to organise my messy excuse for a life I thought I'd give this Flourish action plan a go.
Each month I'll start with what the targets are and at the end I'll round up how (if) I've achieved them that month.
1. De-clutter for ten minutes per day: I already have this pencilled into my diary each day. Ten minutes isn't a long time and keeping things tidy is SO important, especially until we can move into our own space.
2. Enhance the space where you spend the most time: The article suggests spending anywhere from ten pounds to one hundred on making your home, or the room you spend the most time in, more welcoming and serene. When we finally get to move into our own place (hopefully this month) there will definitely be lots of little tid-bits bought to decorate the place and make it look homely.
3. Use colour to improve your mood: Yellow is great for lifting your mood and purple is really calming - something as simple as yellow flowers in a purple vase can make a huge difference. I'll only be on the look-out for purple and yellow flowers this month.
And that's it for January! Three relatively easily achievable steps to happiness! 
I really want to try and make it the whole 12 months with this action plan - which means I'll need your help and encouragement too! If you're thinking of taking part in the Flourish challenge too you can tag your tweets, posts and photos #JRflourish2014

I'd love your comments and thoughts below, or: @justrachblog //
*Disclaimer: Post inspired by content in Psychologies, Feb 2014 issue - not sponsored or paid.

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  1. The three targets are great!! I usually spend my Saturday morning tidying my room and as I spend most of my time in there when I'm home I'm forever looking for new things to buy to make it perfect.

    Great post :)

    Meimei xx

    1. Yeah I find that a few minutes of decluttering every day really makes a huge difference. Stay tuned for next months targets X

  2. That is so very true although I do have OCD so for me everything is tidy and in order haha. I have just moved house so decorating and DIY has been none stop. Definitely agree with "colour to improve your mood" - my office is now painted in Lime Green and I feel so very calm in it. Great post.

    1. I really struggle to keep everything organised so hopefully this will be really helpful for me X

  3. lisa prince shared your blog post on Google+
    I have made a few resolutions this year too on my blog and i think its the first time im actually making one and sticking to them x goodluck x

  4. I really like this idea - so many people (myself included) find it difficult to stick to the really grand new years resolutions, so doing something as simple as de-cluttering for 10 minutes a day would be so much easier to stick to. Great post, I will definitely be trying this! xx

  5. I love the fact that your list is short and sweet its such a do able list rather than lots that never get achieved.Love the de clutter idea I need to do that.

  6. I really need to start making monthly targets, I might then actually manage to achieve something this year! Such a great manageable idea!

    Shannon x
    Fangirls & Foundations

  7. This is such a good idea, I'm also trying to have manageable monthly targets rather than making big, silly new year's resolutions that I've no chance of keeping!
    Good luck with your goals, lovely :)

    Jess xo
    PS Love the new header! :D

  8. Hi Rachael ! I wish you and Bob a Happy New Year ! Keep up the good work ! Manu 8 )

  9. Wow this is a really cool idea!Irecently moved out from my parents house and it's really nice spend some money to buy little things to decorate my new flat (:it makes me feel a lot better!

  10. Oh, I love this! Such a fun idea, I'm sure you can stick with it. I'm going to try too!

  11. I love these. These are such simple tasks but seem like they would have a huge effect. I'm def. going to be trying these out.


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