Friday, 3 January 2014

Blog Sale: Goodbye 2013, hello new wardrobe!


Hello my lovelies! I hope you had a most wonderful Christmas and new year! I got well and truly swept up with the festivities at school, only to be hit with the flu and then the norovirus (which is awful) on the weekend before Christmas. I'd just about recovered by Christmas day and managed to scoff down my Christmas dinner with little trouble! I'm blessed with amazing friends and family, who got me the most thoughtful and lovely gifts - many of which will be reviewed on here in the coming weeks.
For the week running up to new year, Bob and I went down south to spend it with his family. It was a lovely week break that involved lots of walking in the countryside. I could barely get phone signal anywhere so I was pretty much internet-less and contact-less for an entire week!
Everything is back to normal again on Monday (too soon!), which means the planning, organising, list writing and sorting has begun. I've started with the obvious (and easiest) place to start shedding the old to make room for the new - my wardrobe. I've got big plans for my 2014 wardrobe, which means one exciting thing...

I will be gradually adding/removing items from this list as I find more or sell things on - this post can be accessed anytime from the SHOP tab at the top of the page.
Each item has individual pricing and sizing. All have FREE P+P.
If you'd like to buy something leave a comment with the item and your twitter handle and I'll be in touch ASAP.
UK Only
 MANGO, Size M, £5

 New Look, UK12, £7

 QUIZ, UK8, £25


Primark, UK 8, £5

H&M, UK10, £5

Primark, UK8, £5

Lashes of London, UK10, £10

Primark, UK10, £5

Primark, UK6, £5

Next, UK14, £20

Dorothy Perkins, UK14, £20 (Never worn)

EAST, UK16, £20 (Never worn)

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