Monday, 10 February 2014

Linky: I Love My Round Up

Today I'm taking part in a linky hosted by my blogging friends Futures and Life In a Break Down which is all about my favourite things from the past two weeks! If you'd like to take part too, just click the button below to find out how.

1. What’s your favourite post you have posted this past fortnight?
I think it has to be my outfit post with the Hush Puppies boots. It was so much fun taking photos in the pouring rain with my Mama!

2. Share with us a post you have loved reading from someone else this past fortnight.
I couldn't possibly choose a single post - I absolutely love getting a notification that there's been a new post on Foxfaced, Sian is hilarious and her posts always brighten up my day!

3. Do you have any blogging goals for this year – if you do what are they?
To not have any blogging goals? Ha, no... I'm a little bit disorganised at the minute and very behind, so I suppose my goal would be to get up-to-date with everything so I don't feel so swamped with it all.

4. Do you celebrate Valentines? If so what are you / would you like to be doing this year?
Completely by accident, Valentines day happens to be the one year anniversary of my boyfriend and I. Neither of us are a huge fan of the day itself and what it stands for these days so we're avoiding any sort of celebration until a few days later and hopefully going to shut ourselves away at a country spa hotel for a couple of days.

5. What song have you been dancing to lately?
I think I have to agree with Bex and say Happy by Pharell Williams, it's super contagious and never fails to make me smile. I'm also really loving Half Moon Run at the moment too.
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  1. Yay thank you so much for joining in <3 I think we need to meet up for some dancing around our handbags to Pharell Williams :D xx

  2. Aw, thank you so much for the mention! I'm honoured. Definitely agree with you about Happy by Pharell Williams - every time I listen to it I end up dancing (and was once spotted by my neighbour... not humiliating at all!). xx


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