Sunday, 2 February 2014

Outfit: It's Raining, It's Pouring!

Waxed Jacket: Henry Hunt | Oxford Shirt: Ralph Lauren | Jeans: Jack Wills | Leather Boots* c/o Hush Puppies
After having a relatively busy week, this weekend was all about relaxing for me and my Mama. I went for a lovely meal with her on Friday night then had my nails done, coffee and lunch on Saturday morning and we even braved the pouring rain in the afternoon to test out my new Hush Puppies waterproof leather boots*.

I love dressing for this kind of weather and will take any excuse to throw my wellies on, but sometimes it's just a little bit inconvenient to wear them all the time. I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of leather riding boots for a seriously long time now and I'm super fussy about how I want them to look. I also really struggle to find boots that fit me properly around the calves - they always seem to be too big on me. The great shoe god obviously heard my prayers because it could not have been more perfect when I was offered to review these beautiful boots. Not only do they fit beautifully, they are also the colour and style I was looking for!

As if that wasn't enough, they are also completely waterproof. I was a little nervous about wearing them out in the rain because I wasn't convinced they could be properly waterproof and it was really pouring down at the country park. When I got home the boots looked as if they'd soaked in the water and were going to be stained, so I waited nervously hoping that they'd dry out. By the time I put them on again a few hours later they were as good as new - bone dry and no watermarks - very impressive!
I'm going to spend the rest of my Sunday blogging, lesson planning and recovering from a horrendous hangover! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

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  1. Love this outfit you look great!

  2. love the boots looks soo comfy plus would be worn loads

    1. Hehe yeah I've literally been wearing them with everything - a brilliant wardrobe staple :) x

  3. LOVE the boots - I'm on the lookout for a new pair atm, mine are falling apart :(

    Jess xo

    1. These are definitely worth a look, really sturdy and super comfy too x

  4. pretty boots,
    are they completly waterproof, also in an ankle deep puddle or over ? or just in rain and puddle under the toes ?

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure if they are suitable for submerging in water - though I can't say I've stepped in an ankle deep puddle! I'm not sure it means waterproof like wellies - I think the important feature is that they are real leather but are waterproof, so won't spoil in the rain or go wrinkly and soft like normal leather will.

      Hope that helps x


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