Sunday, 2 March 2014

12 Steps to Flourish in 2014: February & March

So let's call this blog post a testament to how busy I've been throughout February! My last flourish post should have been on the first of February... but fresh new month, fresh new start and all that! So here's a quick run down of how I flourished in January, how I should have been flourishing in February and what March has in store.
In January the three simple steps for flourishing were to de-clutter for 10 minutes a day, enhance living space and use colour to improve mood. 
I definitely managed to stick to the de-cluttering. Tidying never really got overwhelming because I managed to keep on top of the mess, it also helped that small stints of de-cluttering made it easier to remember to put things away when I'm finished with them - which is something I'm a total nightmare at doing! 
I didn't get a chance really to enhance my living space, aside from keeping it tidier. As mentioned in the January post, I was under the impression that we'd be moving house sometime that month, where the enhancement would commence in full force, but January came and went with no house move. On the upside, march is the month for the move, so enhancement will start within the month!
Finally, I didn't really stick to the last point for January, although I did try my best to wear some bright and sunny colours to enhance my mood over the grey days!
Not a bad start to the flourishing programme, but not a great one really, February went in a similar sort of way really. Here's what I should have been doing to flourish in February (as well as keeping up January's steps).

1. Find your ideal exercise
2. List energising activities and places to visit when feeling low
3. Scribble and doodle

I completely neglected both of the first points but I did buy myself a 'Wreck This Journal' in order to fulfil the scribbling and doodling. I've been making sure I spend a few minutes each day completing one of the WTJ pages, which has been a lot of fun and has really boosted my creative juices, as well as allowing me to step out of my comfort zone a little - it sounds ridiculous but one of the pages instructed me to crack the spine of the book, which is something that absolutely turns my stomach with books normally!
And so, onto March (I can't believe we're a quarter of the way into the year already!) and the steps I will be taking this month.

1. Keep a thought diary - this one does what it says on the tin, to keep a record each day of any thoughts, feelings etc. I think I'll be doing this each night before bed to clear my head before sleeping. I've got a bit of a hoarding issue when it comes to notebooks, so I've got no excuse really!
2. Boost your energy - eating better, sleeping better, snacking healthy, drinking more water - all of those things that I should do but really don't. If I do nothing at all this month it will be to drink at least one glass of water each day.
3. Detox your Facebook - I'm definitely an advocate of a good Facebook cull and I've got no qualms about removing people who I'll never speak to, or see again in my lifetime. It's like de-cluttering for your social media accounts!

And so, again there are just three relatively easily achievable steps to happiness in March (plus, of course, keeping up with January and finishing the February steps!)

I really want to try and make it the whole 12 months with this action plan - which means I'll need your help and encouragement too! If you're thinking of taking part in the Flourish challenge too you can tag your tweets, posts and photos #JRflourish2014

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  1. This sounds like a monthy new years resolution type of thing.Its a good idea to set 3 achievable goals. Great idea.

    1. Yeah that's basically how I see it. In the January post I mentioned how I was awful at keeping to resolutions and usually get fed up within days, but this makes it so much easier to stick to something positive :) X

  2. An interesting read. We all need to have little goals and objectives in our lives whether they come from others or ourselves. Doing a little something daily, weekly or monthly is so satisfying. Mine is to try and move our house forward a little each week (mammoth decorating). As long as I achieve something I'm happy and it takes some of my self imposed pressure off me :)

    1. Thank you :) I definitely think that smaller goals make it easier. In the past my new years resolutions have been to basically "sort my life out", which is when I find myself stood there scratching my head and wondering where to start. This way I can do little things that are easily achievable that actually make me feel good :) X

  3. I love that you set yourself small objectives and monthly timeframes, it makes it seems so much more manageable.

    Also, I agree re cracking the spines on books, mine are all pristine, they look like they've never been read!

    1. Yeah the small objectives with a deadline make it so much easier to stick to it all.

      Oh I had such a hard time cracking that spine. I actually let out a squealy noise and physically felt the pain of cracking it. It DID feel strangely liberating after I'd done it though! It's the first and last time I'll ever do it though - all of my other books also look like they've never been read! X


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