Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Survey: How Do You Want the Question to be Popped?

Like most young ladies my age, it's not unusual to find me daydreaming about my ideal marriage proposal with all the frills that goes with it - though quite unlike a lot of girls my age I tend to go all goggly eyed and wobbly kneed about a Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet style romance. To me they're the perfect gent and the perfect lady, admittedly with a rather unromantic proposal, but still right out of my favourite storybook and film adaptation (let's be clear I'm not talking about the Hollywood film that butchered the story!!). But even with all of the day-dreaming I haven't yet settled on a specific way that I'd like the occasion to go. I think that no matter how the proposal is done, as long as the person proposing is the man I love I'll be a very happy girlie. Oh, well, as long as it's down on one knee of course - I'm a traditional after all!

Hen Heaven have been to Brighton to ask some of the lovely townspeople their opinions on proposals and put together a video on what some people think are the perfect ways to pop the question.
Hen Heaven are looking to put together a bit of an infographic that's packed with tonnes of facts and figures about proposals and everything that comes along with it - how it's done, what the ring is like and even who should do the asking! If you'd like to contribute to this infographic, which I'm sure will prove to be very interesting reading, then simply add your opinions to the short survey below! When the graphic is ready I'll be sure to share it with you all :)

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If you think you might know someone else who would be interested in taking part in this survey, feel free to share it with them too!

Do you have your dream proposal all planned out? Do you think it's right for a girl to ask?
I'd love your comments and thoughts below, or: @justrachblog //
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  1. My husband proposed to me new years eve 2010/2011 while we were working behind the bar, he did it very quietly at midnight, just whispered 'will you marry me?' no showboating or anything like that... I actually preferred that to him making a scene!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Oh my goodness that's the sweetest story! Thanks for sharing! I think that whispering it to you like that is so romantic!! X

  2. Oh gosh, I don't understand the whole marriage / proposals thing. I don't believe in marriage and don't ever want to be married, so I'm not going to take part in the survey (sorry) as I don't know what I'd choose for some of the options. I totally understand that it's each to their own when it comes to marriage, it's just something which I've never been interested in.

    1. No need to apologise! I completely understand :) In high school and the beginning of uni I had a complete "independent woman" head on my shoulders. I said I'd never get married, I'd have a career, I'd be a power business woman or super scientist. Uni turned my brain and emotions to mush clearly, because all that has changed now - but it wasn't always like that :) Thanks for the comment! x

  3. My husband did his best to make the proposal special and I loved it! But in the long run, the relationship and the person is more important to me than the proposal or wedding! :)

    1. I agree Laura! It's definitely all about the person and the relationship. You could have your dream wedding and proposal but i'd mean nothing if the person was rubbish! X

  4. we are not even engaged and already planned what we want for our wedding lol i want to get engaged when we are ready to wed, not just be engaged and hang around for years with a ring on my ringer, i want 2 rings on my finger lol xx

  5. Being not really into marriage things (I must say that I still have not found the Pearl, this maybe explaining that), I have never thought about how to make the proposal, but if one day I propose it to a brittish woman (or a woman who understand english), I'll probably use a song I have just re-discovered tonight, the Proclaimer's "500 miles". Probably one of the most beautiful love song I've ever heard... 8 )

    I'd really like to find someone for whom Id'be able to walk 500 miles and 500 more. And I think I could propose to this one, because if you're really ready to do that, it means something. Either you're a psychopath, or you're really in love 8 )

    From a Doctor Who's fan to an other ;)

  6. To complete the survey I replied too, the most unelegant way to propose is the one done in public, or even worst on Tv ! When the person is stuck. If someone did that to me, I could leave her immediately, and let her do with all the people around. Something that can't be accepted. A total lack of education and behaviour in my opinion.


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