Saturday, 29 March 2014

Tea-Tox for Lent

Self-confessed tea drinking addict though I am, I've given up tea for Lent.

I never really know what to give up for Lent each year, and I usually choose something and don't stick to it (much like my New Year's Resolutions!) except one year at uni when I gave up alcohol and stuck to it, which I was really proud of!

Since embarking on my teacher training journey, my tea intake has increased ten-fold (as well as my wine intake but that's another story!!) and even though I know that tea has lots of antioxidants, the amount I was drinking probably wasn't ok, not to mention the amount of sugar. Everything in moderation, and all that...

So, since I couldn't honestly face the challenge of no tea at all for the whole of Lent, I decided to give up black tea. So far I've been on a strict tea diet of green or peppermint only and I am loving it! I actually feel like I've got more energy in the mornings and don't feel sleepy after a cuppa like I used to. I do miss a proper cup of builders brew (milk, two sugars!) but I think I'll find myself reaching for the herbal tea much more often after Lent is over.
If you're looking for a good alternative to regular tea, have you tried my recipe for home made mint tea? It's delicious!

What have you given up for Lent?

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  1. I love herbal tea - especially peppermint and some of the flavoured green teas. Well done on sticking with Lent :)

    What Sarah Says


    1. Thank you! I only used to drink herbal tea occasionally before now and I'd usually put milk in because I felt weird having a hot drink without milk, but I'm a full herbal addict now, I love them all! X

  2. Big fan of herbal tea:) good luck on the no tea for lent!x

    1. Thank you! I've managed to stick to it so far, not even a wobble. Not long to go now :) X

  3. I really admire you as tea is my one vice. I even get headaches if I don't have a cup! I've never quite coped with the whole peppermint tea thing, you are really putting me to shame! I've never given up anything for lent in answer to your question! I have fasted a few times though! Great post!

    1. Hi Lorna :)

      I was getting to the point too where I was relying on tea to be even the slightest bit alert in the morning, and to wind down in the evening. I do love it so much, it's such a comfort drink for me. I've had a really good herbal journey so far though and have come from being a bit unsure about herbal tea (even o the extent of putting milk in them!) to really loving them.

      Still not sold on fruit tea though! X


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