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12 Steps to Flourish in 2014: April

Hello my lovely cherubs! I hope you're all having a happy April so far, and that there weren't too many April Fool's jokes played on you on the first! I didn't so much as see or hear a whisper of any fools, which is a first for me. 

First things first, how did I do in March? To recap the targets for March were to keep a thought diary, boost my energy and detox my Facebook - I'm very pleased to say that March went very well for me! I have a bit of a hoarders collection of notebooks, so finding an empty one to start writing thoughts in was not a difficult job at all - I've not written in it every day, but it has definitely helped to clear my mind and get my thoughts straight when things have been a bit hectic.
In terms of boosting my energy, I didn't really actively try to do this, but since giving up tea for Lent I've seen a huge improvement in my energy levels which has really helped with all the early mornings and late nights I'm subject to as a trainee teacher.
I not only detoxed my Facebook, but also my Twitter and Instagram accounts, which has been great. I've got much clearer news feeds on all of my social media accounts so I can much more easily see the things I'm most interested in.
And so, after the success of March I'm hoping for good things to come in April too - although the targets this month are a little more ambiguous so may be open to a bit of interpretation.


1. Find your cause - Without a doubt this one for me is issue linked to children and teaching, which is basically everything my life entails at the moment. I am really passionate about it - all I have to do now is find a job for September. The thought of having my very little class of children is terrifying!
I have also signed up to donate £4 a month to cancer research. One of my targets (as a real adult) was to choose one people charity and one animal charity to regularly donate money to. I've yet to choose my animal one - I'm waiting until I've got a proper wage coming in - but this is a good start. I pledged my donations before the no make-up selfie craze, but I'm really glad to be adding more money to the very large amount that was raised from the social media campaign.
2. Identify your values - I've always been very mature and strong minded (and stubborn) from a young age, so I definitely don't have to think too long about what my values are and what I stand for. I'm definitely not afraid to stand my ground and fight for what I believe is right, even if others disagree. I think that this month I will perhaps consider my values very carefully and why I believe in them, and then write them down somewhere so I can look back on them.
3. Outline your mission statement - I'm not really sure how to go about tackling this target. When I think of a mission statement, the first thing that comes to mind (of course) is a school one. School's mission statements usually just outline their beliefs, values and aims. I think I could maybe write a monthly mission statement about what I want to achieve that month and how I can go about it using positive beliefs and values to carry me through.

Phew, clearly April is a month that's all about thinking long and hard about who I really am. I'm pretty certain that I'm sure of who I am, but I think it will be a really interesting experience to see if there are hidden things about myself that I haven't yet discovered.

Spirituality aside, April is a very busy month indeed! Tomorrow I'm scooting down to London for a blogging event which I can wait to share with you all - keep an eye on #LFAReturns on twitter for details. I'll be tweeting and instramming all day so keep your eyes peeled. Next weekend I've got a 1920's Gatsby themed murder mystery annual Mensa spring ball to attend, which is also in London (lots of travelling up and down the country!) that I 'm so looking forward to! Half term is just a week away too, two whole weeks off - an essay to write and planning to prepare but a holiday is a holiday all the same. I forsee lots of lie-ins in my future!

How are you going to Flourish this month? What are your April plans?

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