Sunday, 20 April 2014

Find Me A Gift: Fridge Bento Box

Fridge Bento Box
5 Piece Fridge Bento Box
Find Me A Gift Fridge Box
Bento Heart Cut Out Fork Spoon
Bento Box Heart Cut Out Cutlery
Inside Bento Box
Inside Fridge Box
Inside Find Me A Gift Fridge Bento Lunch Box
By now you'll probably have recognised my slight obsession with Japan and anything quirky, cute and kawaii. So, of course, when asked me to review their Fridge Bento Lunch Box* I just couldn't say no.

This box has been a total miracle for my school lunches. I used to use random tupperware boxes and little sandwich bags to pack my lunch and just shove them into my bag, which usually meant squished butties and fruit getting bruised and icky. I needed a proper lunch box, but all the ones I'd seen were kiddies ones, and while they were cute, they wouldn't do when I'm trying to convince both myself and those around me that I'm a responsible, respectable adult now. 

The Fridge Bento box came in perfectly. To start with, it's adorable and looks a lot like a red Smeg fridge - which is a brand I'm also dying to have in my future home. It satisfied my need to have something cute and quirky, whilst being crazy practical too. There are so many compartments and I've found a perfect use for all of them. Sandwiches fit nicely in the bottom, and a mini yoghurt and piece of fruit in the deeper white section. Biscuits or anything else that's flat-ish fits on the white tray that slots in next. Then, in the top I've been popping in a bag of mini cheddars, some blueberries and there's even room left for the adorable cutlery with little heart shaped cut-out ends! When the weather gets warmer (and I get less lazy) I plan to put pasta salad in the bottom compartment instead of sandwiches. The lid fits on really snug, so there's no worries of it all coming tumbling apart.

It's really easy to take apart and put together too - look I even made a video to show you! :) (Don't forget to watch it in 1080p HD, it's much better!)

All pictures & video for this blog post were taken with my brand new Nokia Lumia 1520 that I'm conducting a trial review of for the next two weeks. I'll have a blog post up at the end of the trial time, but if you'd like to keep up with my Lumia adventures until then you will find lots of photos on Instagram and Twitter or by searching #connectstrial

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  1. I really like the idea of this and it makes perfect for work or picnics in the summer <3 xx
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  2. They were giving one of this away on PopsSugar. I didn't get it but it's totally cute!

    I can totally see those cute little panda rice balls in there :P
    Great blog!

    xo Jules

  3. Thats a real cool Bento box :) Wish I was still working in a shop to have my lunch in this lol

  4. this lunch box is adorable! I always try to eat healthy and bring my own lunch into work, should definitely invest in one of those :) x


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