Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I Promise... Mother's Day

I Promise Thoughts Not Things
I Promise Gift Cards Example
I Promise to always be best friends Mothers Day
I always struggle to buy something nice for my mum on Mother's Day - I really don't like buying things for the sake of it, and with her not being a huge fan of bath stuff, chocolates or bubbly the list of things for me to choose from is slim. I much prefer to buy something meaningful, and failing that to make something meaningful. This year I got the opportunity to do both! I Promise kindly allowed me to try out their lovely service for Mother's Day this year. Their motto is "Thoughts, Not Things" which I absolutely love and really captures exactly how I feel about the sort of gifts I like to give on occasions like this.

I Promise cards are beautiful little personalised promises that you can give to someone special. The ordering process is really simple:

First, you choose how many promises you'd like to make (three, five or ten) and whether you'd like the cards in black or red. I chose three promises in red.

Next, you create your fully customisable promise cards. You can choose the cute little image that goes on the card and you can pick from a huge range of pre-written promises, or make your own entirely. And it's as simple as that!

The cards arrived very swiftly and I was delighted with the adorable little red cardboard envelope they come in. The promises themselves are made of very thick, textured card which feels and looks lovely!

My mama loved her gift, and I was really pleased to be able to give her something meaningful this year (as well as a hand-made card from my time with my year one class). That wasn't all though, of course she got a beautiful bunch of lilies (her favourite) and another bunch of pretty pink flowers from B. We also treated her to a home-made three course slap-up meal of butternut squash soup, lasagne and melt in the middle chocolate pud which I took the liberty of filming the chocolate oozing out! Nom.

How did you celebrate Mother's Day? Do you prefer to make your gifts too?

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