Sunday, 27 April 2014

Pimm's Moderna

Moderna ThermoWalled Glasses Ozeri
Ozeri Moderna ThermoWalled Glasses
Pimms Pitcher Summer
Chopped Strawberries
Close Chopped Strawberries
Fresh Outdoor Mint Plant
Sprig Fresh Mint
Full Pitcher Pimms Summer Cocktail
Pimms Summer Cocktail Fruits Recipe
Pimms Recipe
Moderna Ozeri Glass Blown Tumblers
Ozeri Moderna Double Walled Tumblers
The perfect summer drink? It's got to be a Pimm's summer cocktail loaded with fruit and ice cubes. Yum! 

Since the sun has been making more of an appearance over the Easter break, I've been spending a lot more of my time outside. Albeit doing work.... There's nothing like relaxing in the sun with a summery fresh and fruity drink, and since it was a holiday I couldn't help but make it a cocktail!

Pimm's (or a supermarket alternative is just as good - we used Sainsbury's Pitchers because we're poor students!)
Chopped Fresh Strawberries
Cucumber Slices
Orange Slices
Ice Cubes
Sprig of Fresh Mint

The 'how-to' is the easy bit... use about 3 parts lemonade to 1 part Pimm's, then chuck in all the fruit and ice. I popped out into the garden to grab a sprig of fresh mint - gave the leaves a little tear to release more of the minty flavour into the drink. Garnish with a few more lovely green leaves and voila! A lovely summery cocktail in a flash!

You may have noticed the glasses we used are pretty snazzy looking, and you'd be right in thinking so. They're the Moderna glasses* kindly sent to me by Ozeri. There are four little grooves in the sides of each glass, that means it fits lovely and snug in your hand. The extra special thing about these glasses, is that you could put a hot drink in them and the heat wouldn't transfer through to your hand. I've made myself a fancy little hot chocolate in them too and I can confirm that it gets warm, but it's not a problem to hold at all. Clever :) They're dishwasher safe too, which I didn't think they would be - the glass feels very delicate, but they're glass blown, double walled and incredibly durable. These super stylish glasses come in a set of 4 and can be found on the Ozeri Amazon store.

All pictures & video for this blog post were taken with my brand new Nokia Lumia 1520 that I'm conducting a trial review of for the next two weeks. I'll have a blog post up at the end of the trial time, but if you'd like to keep up with my Lumia adventures until then you will find lots of photos on Instagram and Twitter or by searching #connectstrial

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  1. This is amazing looks so yummy and fresh :) I need to try this for Summer xxx
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