Saturday, 17 May 2014

12 Steps to Flourish in 2014: May

Half-way into May and I'm only just finishing up this thing and ready to hit publish, even though I started writing it all the way at the beginning of April! 

Six days in to the month, I'd come across a few things that really challenged who I consider myself to be - but in a good way, as they served to convince me that I'm pretty happy with who I am. First of all I happened across a great book called Your Life Plan. I picked it up at Euston while waiting for my train back from London that weekend. I'm still slowly reading through and cherry picking the bits I like the most from it - but it's definitely a book worth picking up if you've found yourself in a bit of a slump and are in need a bit of a motivation boost!

On the very same evening, on my last train before arriving home I was the unfortunately witness of a bout of racist bullying by some "English and Proud" EDL supporters (read "idiots") on a completely unassuming man. I felt so horrified by what I'd seen and heard, and the way these cowardly men had been so intimidating, that I tried to personally apologise to the man, only to find he didn't speak English. I hope I never have to come across something like that again in my life time, we're supposed to be a civilised society, aren't we?

Over an incredibly delicious lunch at Gaucho, I had a bit of a philosophical chat with my friend Jade about coincidences in life and the likelihood of fate. Jade and her family do all of these really exciting things (I've been trying to convince her to start a blog to document them!) and really make the most of every bit of spare time they have together. They've created what they call the Now List, which is their take on a Bucket List - except they go through the list and do everything they can to make each thing happen as soon as they can, and they do it! I absolutely love their philosophy on life and I totally agree that so many people are making bucket lists these days, but how many of us actually get out there and DO the things on the list? We spend so much time just waiting for the right time but the right time will never come because the right TIME IS NOW!

Naturally, with my PGCE year almost at a close, I've had a lot of time recently to reflect on who I am as a teacher and what sort of person I want my children to be greeted with when I'm stood up there at the front of the class. I've always wanted to be an inspiring teacher, thanks in part to those who inspired me - and so, it's really important for me that I'm viewed by the children as kind, fair and enthusiastic. I want to be someone they can trust, as I've encountered a few situations over the year that have proved that sometimes teachers are the only people some children have to trust and look up to. I want to be that person. I want all the good things about my personality to shine through and touch every single child I come across, and I want all the bad things to be slowly changed by the amazing things that children themselves can teach us every single day.

May has already been a busy month, with all kinds of things planned. I'm happy to report I've finally signed up at the gym and been on a run, which means that one of February's (!!!) missed targets can finally be ticked off. I've also been keeping up with the 10 minute declutter every evening and writing in my thoughts journal, which has really made a massive difference, even though they are such small changes. This month my mini goals are:

1. Write a fun list - how perfect after my conversation with Jade earlier in April. I'm going to edit this and call it the Now List instead.
2. The challenge list - how can I push myself to do those things I've always wanted to, but been too frightened to have a go at?
3. Open a fun account or money box -  Bob and I have gone out and picked up one of those money tins that you can't open without cracking out a can opener. When it's full we're going to put the money towards a holiday in the sun!

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