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Armathwaite Hall Country House Hotel and Spa Mini Break

Armathwaite Hall Arial View
For our one year anniversary Bob and I wanted to retreat to somewhere in the sticks for a quiet and relaxing mini-break. We searched around for good spa deals for days on end before settling on beautiful Armathwaite Hall in Keswick. It's a stunning estate on the banks of Lake Bassenthwaite, where I've been camping and sailing many times over the years. The views of the countryside in the lake district are just breathtaking. We did a bit of a whistle-stop mini break, so we didn't get to explore the grounds fully but we enjoyed our stay so much we'll definitely be going back for more.
Armathwaite Hall Exterior
Armathwaite Hall Grounds
Armathwaite Country House Hotel Grounds
Armathwaite View over Bassenthwaite Lake
Armathwaite Medieval Exterior
Armathwaite Hall Country House Hotel and Spa Outside
Armathwaite Valentines Reception
When we arrived, we were immediately impressed by the long windy driveway and very grand gates leading up to the main building. The building itself is gorgeous and reminded me of a medieval castle. Once inside we were struck by the cosy country farmhouse feel and the really relaxed atmosphere that the place had. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful - greeting us at the door and offering us a delicious glass of port upon checking in - just what you need after a long car journey.
Armathwaite Hall Hotel Room
Armathwaite outdoor jacuzzi
We immediately hopped up to our lovely room, threw on our gowns and slippers and made our way to the spa to check out the facilities. Even though the place appeared incredibly fancy, they had no problem with guests wandering about in their dressing gowns and slippers and while this felt a little odd at first, we soon forgot about it when we saw other guests doing the same! The spa was really luxurious, and as soon as we found out there was an outdoor jacuzzi we rushed off like two excited school kids! It was raining outside but that didn't matter because there's nothing like relaxing in a warm jacuzzi looking out over the most beautiful grounds!
Armathwaite Hall lounge
Armathwaite Hall Grand Staircase
Just Rach dress dinner
Armathwaite Hall Antlers Decor
Chivalrous enjoying wine
Armathwaite Hall roaring fire
After allowing ourselves to get positively prune-y in the spa we venture back to our rooms to get ready for supper. We got dressed up a little smart - it was our anniversary after all - and headed down to the lounge and bar to sip on cocktails before dinner. This was a great opportunity to bask in the warm glow of the beautiful roaring fire and marvel at the amazing wall decor.

We had an incredible 5 course meal in the intimate dining room. I remember feeling perfectly satiated and very happy after it. The waiting staff were lovely and provided just the right amount of attention to us throughout our meal. Each course was served nice and speedy, and had us saying oohs and aahs as each course approached. After dinner we enjoyed coffee and chocolates in front of the fire before heading off for the most comfortable nights sleep of my entire life!
Armathwaite Hall Spa
Armathwaite Hall Hush Room
First thing in the morning, after enjoying a delicious breakfast in bed, we wandered over to the spa for our massage treatments. We'd both booked a prescriptive full body massage - desperately needed by both! After the incredibly relaxing massage, we were shown to the "Hush Room" where you can relax and slowly come back to reality at your own pace. We were each placed in a ridiculously comfy little lounge chair and left with water, orange juice and a stack of magazines. I felt like I'd regressed back to being a baby in my cot, I could have easily had a little snooze, especially with panoramic views of the grounds to gaze out over. But alas! We had to check out, so we reluctantly woke ourselves out of the stupor and went back to our rooms to pack.
Armathwaite Hall Indoor Jacuzzi
Not satisfied that we'd had our fill of Armathwaite Hall just yet and not ready to go home, we took our bags and headed back to the spa to make use of the indoor facilities. The jacuzzi, steam room, aroma room and sauna made for the perfect end to a very relaxing little getaway. I even got an hour of swimming in at the pool!

Bob and I were having such a fantastic time at Armathwaite Hall, we didn't get chance to snap photos on the camera, only a few of the not great quality ones on our phones. A couple of the photos above were kindly provided by the PR team when we wrote to tell them what an amazing stay we'd had.

Have you ever been on a spa mini-break? What's your favourite way to get away from it all?

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  1. Love your dress!

  2. Gosh that all sounds pretty idyllic! :-)

  3. This place looks amazing. I would love to visit.

  4. Oh wow! What a fabulous place! I would love to go there :) It really takes hotel style up a notch!

  5. Oh wow this looks amazing! Spencer and I went for a spa break a few weeks ago (feels like a lifetime ago now!) and we both really enjoyed it, the outdoor hot tub was our favourite! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  6. This place looks just amazing!! Happy 1st Anniversary :-)
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down


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