Sunday, 25 May 2014

Born Pretty Vintage Nail Stickers

Born Pretty Nail Stickers
Born Pretty Vintage Nail Stickers
Nail Stickers Vintage Born Pretty
Nail Stickers Born Pretty
Born Pretty Store Vintage Nail Stickers
Born Pretty Store Nail Stickers
Vintage Nail Stickers Born Pretty
Nail Stickers Vintage Born Pretty Store

I've used nail wraps before, which I found to be a total nightmare to get on properly, but never nail stickers. I saw these absolutely gorgeous vintage themed stickers* on the BornPretty store and I had to give them a go. 

They turned out to be excellently easy to apply. Very thin and sticky, but easy to pull off and shift about if you needed to reposition. They had a bit of stretch to them too, so you could really make them mould to your nail without any air bubbles or lumpy bits. I added my trusty Dior topcoat to seal them in.

I wore these beauties on my nails for over a week with some minor tears around the edges, but nothing major. I only took them off because I fancied a change. I highly recommend nail stickers if you're looking for something long lasting and pretty on your nails that literally takes 2 minutes and no effort to apply at all.

You can get 10% off at BornPretty using my exclusive coupon code RCG10 at checkout!

Have you used nail stickers before? Do you like the vintage theme?

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  1. these look so pretty! xx

    1. They looked so nice on my nails too, I got loads of compliments! :) X

  2. Have always found nail wraps a little tricky but I love the effect of these ones Gisforgingers xx

  3. i bought nail stickers before but in the end never used as prefer biting my nails over looking after them(

  4. They're not my cup of tea but an interesting alternative to polish. :-)

  5. I've bought nail wraps before and still haven't got round to using them. I have a feeling I'd be really bad at it. I love the vintage theme for these ones and they look great on you #blogsrus
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down


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