Friday, 23 May 2014

How To: PicGIF for Mac + Giveaway

I was kindly sent PicGIF for Mac to review by the lovely people at PearlMountain Software. I've reviewed a piece of Mac software for them before. This on is a GIF creator, and it's really flipping good! The handful of times I've decided to make gifs to add to my blog, I've done it the extremely difficult way on Photoshop, or I've gone to a free online GIF creator and it's come out totally naff. PicGIF makes it so incredibly simple to make a GIF, you can have it up on your blog in a matter of minutes. I've been going GIF mad since I got the software - check out my Burger Face GIF and my super cool assassin GIF!

I put together a short how-to guide for this cracking piece of software, and you can be in with a chance of winning one for yourself too!
When you open PicGIF you get this screen, simply click "Add Photo" to start. It will open up your Finder at this point, for you to select the images you want. You can either choose them one at a time or use the Command button to select all of the ones you want at once.
 Your images will appear in the program as above. Make sure your photos are in the order you want them by dragging and dropping. Here is where you can edit your GIF.
To change the speed, just change the FPS (frames per second) - I have it set to 1 for this GIF. If you want to have a quick preview of how it will look, hit the small "Play" button at the top, in the middle.
If you're happy with it, hit "Create GIF"
It will give you a preview and prompt you to save...
And voila! You have a funky GIF.
For this one I used 3 images, changed the FPS to 2 and changed the size of the GIF too. I think it gives a really cool effect!

Want to win your own copy of this awesome software? Ok!

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  1. I'm always wanting to make GIFs but I'm never sure how!! Gisforgingers xx

  2. WOW! That's cool software - would love to win it!

    1. I've had so much fun playing with it! Good luck x

  3. In the very distant past I used to make GIF's


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