Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Supermarket Style: Looking Good on a Budget

Debt Free Direct set me a challenge. They gave me some money to spend at a supermarket of my choosing and asked me to buy myself an entire outfit and showcase it on my blog. Could I put together a stylish outfit from a supermarket clothing range, and have it look just as good among my other outfits? 

Well, I chose ASDA as my weapon of choice, went on a bit of a shopping spree and then road-tested my outfit at a blogging event in London. Here's what I wore... let me know if you'd have guessed that all these items came from George at ASDA.
Just Rach Gaucho
Just Rach ASDA Money Saving Outfit
Budget Style
Budget Style Debt Free Direct
Just Rach Budget Style

Sorry for the slightly rubbishy quality of some of the photos, but hopefully you get the gist!

I got loads of compliments about my outfit on the day, especially the dress and necklace. The dress is incredibly comfy and I've been wearing in non-stop since I got it. The sandals are perfect for the sunny weather that's peeking out too. I love wearing them even more knowing that I got them at a great bargain price! 

I've never really shopped for clothes in a supermarket before, but this experience has me converted. I am so impressed with what you can get for your money. I actually got two whole outfits with the money I was given. At the moment, saving money is huge on my list of things to do, what with being a full time student, having rent and bills to pay and having to fund my lavish bloggers lifestyle [ ;) ] too! I've been especially impressed with some of the things I've seen at TU and F+F recently as well as George. Next time I do my weekly food shop I'll be whizzing round the clothes aisles looking to snag a bargain or two.

If you're also looking for ways to save money but not feel like you're missing out on things, check out the Making Money Go Further blog by Debt Free Direct - they've got some great ideas on there for working within a tight budget!

Would you have guessed that this outfit was entirely from a supermarket?

I'd love your comments and thoughts below, or: @justrachblog // justrachblog@gmail.com

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  1. I love the dress! It definitely doesn't look like it's from a supermarket. Asda do some fab clothes though, I love their tights and underwear :)

    Jess xo

  2. I love the lacy look of the dress its really pretty.You could easily dress it up or down.

  3. You look beautiful - I love your hair. ASDA have come a long way with their clothing recently!


  4. Some of my absolute favourite clothes and accessories have come from supermarkets! It seems so strange that there's still some stigma surrounding them when you can get an outfit as lovely as yours is :')

  5. I love the George collection at Asda and always look round (and spend way to much) if we are shopping there. Your outfit looks amazing and no, I never would have guessed it was a supermarket outfit :-)
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

  6. Gorgeous dress! George at Asda do some lovely clothes, my local supermarket is a bit rubbish though so I order online as it's free delivery to stores
    ox Lucy


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