Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Which Watch Guide*

I love wearing a watch, and sometimes I really think it can make or break an outfit. I've created a short and sweet style guide to watches for every occasion!
The Formal - This is my watch for special occasions, it cost an absolutely bomb, but it's really beautiful and looks perfect with almost any outfit. It was a graduation present, and so I wear it only for very important events. I love all of the separate little dials, I just wish I could work out what they all did!

The Ladylike - There's nothing quite like a delicate, ladylike watch to class up an outfit. This Radley beaut from The Watch Hut is perfect. I just adore rose gold. 

The Whimsical - When you feel like adding an adorable little touch to your outfit, a novelty watch like this super cute pocket watch necklace can really make an outfit.

The Practical - The work watch, everyone needs a sensible watch for the office and this one is just gorgeous. Again with the rose gold, I know, I know! I just love it. This one is also available at The Watch Hut.

The Adorable - I wear this watch to work, I love that I can get away with a cute watch like this as part of my work "uniform" because being a teacher allows me to show off a little personality. I love it, the kids love it and gets them interested in learning about time - which is awesome!
Do you have a favourite watch?

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