Thursday, 22 May 2014

Throwback: Psychology BSc. (Hons) University of St Andrews

St Andrews University Graduation
Graduation Cake
Scroll Graduation Cake
Just Rach Family at Graduation
University St Andrews Psychology Neuroscience Graduate
Happily Graduated
Real Graduation Fear Face
St Andrews University Graduand
Friends Celebrating Graduation
Chivalrous Graduation
Mens Bowtie Graduation Outfit
I was looking over my graduation photos and thinking about how I still can't really quite believe that I actually made it to the end of 5 years at St Andrews and managed to graduate with a degree in Psychology. But I did, because there's enough photographic evidence of it to last a lifetime. It just all seems so surreal. It was a very happy day though, and Bob had his graduation a few days later, which made it all the more special getting to go to each others (and effectively celebrate twice!). 

I can't believe that I'm now nearly at the end of my post grad qualification. Which means graduation round two, of course. Any excuse to flap about in a gown and pretend to be Harry Potter!

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  1. Congratulations, guys ! 8 )

    ("Bow ties are cool !" 8 )

  2. Aww lovely to see, well done and good to look back, thanks for sharing. x

    1. Thanks Jo! Got some serious nostalgia trying to decided whether to go to the grad ceremony for my PGCE

  3. Well done you! I love that cake :)

  4. Thank you :) I'm almost on graduation number 2 now! It seems a million years ago. The cake was very very yummy. Although I was so nervous on the day I couldn't eat any of it! X


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