Monday, 30 June 2014

Color Run Manchester: Fundraising for Save the Children

You may recall that last year I took part in the Color Run at the Etihad stadium in Manchester. It was awesome.

I had such a fantastic time that this year I've signed myself on once again. This time though B and I are going the extra mile by fundraising for Save the Children, who Color Run 2014 are sponsoring. If you've never seen or heard of the Color Run, or haven't had the pleasure of attending an event yourself check out some of my favourite snaps from last years event. They call it the "Happiest 5K on the Planet" and they aren't lying! It really is so much fun.

Manchester Color Run 2013
Color Run 2013 Blue Station
JustRach Chivalrous Manchester Color Run 2013
Manchester Color Run 2013 Yellow Station
The Color Run TShirt
Manchester Color Run 2013 Brides
JustRach Manchester Color Run 2013
JustRach Chivalrous completed Manchester Color Run 2013
Color Runner
JustRach completed Manchester Color Run 2013
Manchester Color Run 2013 After Party
Happiest 5K on the Planet
Etihad Stadium
If you'd like to get involved and help an incredibly worthy cause, B and I have created our own fundraising page where you can donate, even if it's small, any amount can make a huge difference. If you do we will both be eternally grateful, leave a comment and let us know so that we can thank you properly! 
Please help us to support this amazing cause! Every year, a shocking 6.6 million children die before their fifth birthday, many of them from preventable causes like diarrhoea and pneumonia. Just £50 raised can either train a midwife in life-saving skills, feed 3 families for a month, pay for 15 mosquito nets, treat 140 children for diarrhoea, or buy 25 blankets to keep babies with pneumonia warm. If you can help Chivarlous and I reach our goal of just £100 (£50 each), no matter how small your contribution, you will be helping to save children's lives. Please donate here.

Have you taken part in a Color Run before? Are you doing this year's event?
I'd love your comments and thoughts below, or: @justrachblog //

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  1. This bloody well is the happiest 5k! It actually looks quite fun! I live in Manchester and had no idea we have this!


    1. Yeah it was the first one last year at the Etihad (it's come over from the USA, if you couldn't tell from the spelling ;) ) and it's on again this weekend. Definitely recommend going along one year if you get the chance! So fun x

  2. Lol... Color Run Manchester was awesome.

  3. This looks amazing!! I love how fun this looks and hope you had a brilliant time!! Looks like you did anyway ;) x

    1. Thanks Jenny. It was so amazing last year. I'm hoping that this year I'm going to get ever more covered in colour :D x

  4. This looks like so much fun! They've done this in my city but never been there before!

    XO, Melissa - My Digital Diaries

    1. It really is and definitely worth going if you get the chance! x

  5. I got invited to take part last year but had just had a baby so didn't... although Athenas godfather did it and looked HILARIOUS. he was mostly orange, amusingly! Good luck to you both! x
    Lauren | Belle du Brighton x


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