Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Etsy Lusts #2

JustRach Etsy Lusts
Hopefully you all enjoyed last weeks instalment of the Etsy Lusts series, I know I sure did (although my bank balance didn't!) I've got to exercise a lot of restraint making these posts you know! :) Enjoy!
This post wouldn't complete with an obligatory iPhone case and this week I simply cannot stop chuckling over this little Hula Girl cat cutie from BraveMoonMan.

Okay so I think we all just need to stop for a moment. Breathe. Take it all in. Yep, you really are looking at a Moomin printed dress by Frockasaurus (great name!). I'm actually dying (not actually, don't panic, but maybe just a little inside over how much I need this dress in my life). I've been totally obsessed with Moomins since I was little and I have all kinds of cute trinkets, bags, notebooks and whatnot. This is definitely the icing on the Moomin cake.

How adorable and totally perfect for summer are these?! I am crazy about them. ClaudiaMadeThis not only makes watermelon earrings, but also all other kind of delicious fruits, and even cakes. At only £2.50 as well you actually can't say no. I know I can't.

More earrings, I know, but I can't ignore these lovely wooden Narwhals from VincaUSA. Oh unicorn of the sea, you are a majestic magical beast!

And before you comment and tell me.... Yes! I am fully aware that I have an Etsy problem. (The first step is admitting it, right?)

Do let me know what you thought of this weeks mega lusts!
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  1. Wow this Moomin printed dress is amazing!! They were defiantly a childhood favourite of mine too <3 Gisforgingers xx

  2. These are all such cute items! Love the Moomin dress! xo


  3. OMG OMG!!! That dress is so so cute!!! What a blast from the past! :)

    Lucie x


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