Monday, 7 July 2014

Throwback: Gawthorpe Hall

Gawthorpe Hall National Trust
One of my favourite places to visit on a sunny day in the summer holidays are National Trust locations. Rather than going to the most well known locations in my local area, B and I have taken to having a search on the website to find something smaller that we've never heard of before. Last summer we happened upon this beautiful little gem, Gawthorpe Hall.
Steps at Gawthorpe Hall
Gardens at Gawthorpe Hall
National Trust Gawthorpe Hall
The inside of the venue boasts a stunning mix of architecture from various eras, due the building being passed through a family line. As with most National Trust locations, there's no cameras allowed inside but I took loads of snaps of the absolutely stunning grounds to make up for it.
JustRach at Gawthorpe Hall
Light Blue Popband Hairtie
Bellast Sterling Silver Star Earrings
Dress: Market Store // Bracelet c/o Popband // Earrings c/o Bellast // Bag: H&M // Necklace: Pagan Store (Swarovski)
For this jaunt in the country I wore a pretty floral dress I picked up on one of my caribbean adventures in the past, a Popband* as a bracelet and some gorgeous Bellast sterling silver star earrings*
Gawthorpe Hall GroundsGawthorpe Hall LakeGawthorpe Hall ForestNational Trust Gawthorpe Hall GroundsTiny Baby FrogOn a beautiful sunny day, places like this are just crying out to the explored. We went off in search of the perfect picnic spot! We happened upon this cool lake which had teeny, tiny baby frogs hopping around all over the place. We had to be careful not to stand on them!
PimmsOlivesJustRach Drinking Pimms
After our lovely day wandering around the grounds, we headed home for a BBQ in the back garden. A perfect day for Pimm's and olives, wouldn't you agree? :)
What's your favourite thing to do in the summer? Are you a fan of visiting National Trust locations too?
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  1. I love visiting National trust places. My husband and I are National Trust members and I am currently on maternity leave so we've been to loads so far this summer. x

    1. Ah that sounds really fab, summer is definitely the best time to get lots of visits in. I've visited some in the winter before too, when it's snowing they can be equally beautiful! :) Bob and I are looking to renew our NT membership as soon as we can :) X

  2. I am trying hard to make the most of this year's NT membership> I need to visit some places further afield, though!

    1. I think once we've seen all the places in the local area we're definitely going to start travelling a bit! :) X

  3. How beautiful is this place! It reminds me of my favourite place in the whole world Ashburnham Place in Battle xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

    1. It's really gorgeous isn't it! :) Aw I'd never heard of Ashburnham, will have to add it to our list of places to see :D X

  4. beautiful, beautiful picture and you look great! the tiny baby toad is also the cutest XD

  5. In France, we always keep the image of a grey and permanently rainy England, but each time I see your trip reviews, I'm amazed to realize how beautiful your country can be ! I'll definately have to go and visit it one day ! Very nice pictures, as usual !


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