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#ToastOfTheTown Manchester Copthorne Hotel

Toast of the Town Millenium Copthorne Hotel
Back at the beginning of June I was kindly invited by Millenium &; Copthorne Hotels to come along to #ToastOfTheTown. I called upon my lovely friend Sarah to join me and went along to the lovely Copthorne Hotel, Manchester to find out what it was all about.
The series of Toast of the Town events was created in order to celebrate all things British, by asking resident bloggers to think about what is special about their town or city, and what it means to them. Our event was, of course, a celebration of all things Manchester and was based around the very exciting theme of cocktails!
Toast of the Town event bar set up
Copthorne Hotel Salford Quays
Toast of the Town
After being greeted with yummy canapes and champagne, having a wander around the room to become familiar with the other bloggers and the ingredients, we were warmly welcomed by the event host. Isn't the hotel in such a gorgeous setting, right on Salford Quays!
Sarah Next Dress Cocktails
Bramble Cocktail
After the introduction, Sarah got stuck in to making the first cocktail, the Bramble. The host walked us through the steps as a handful of bloggers whipped up the delightful treat. It was delicious, so good in fact it's become a solid favourite of mine. Also, how gorgeous is Sarah's dress!? It's from Next.
After a few other bloggers made a twist on the Mojito, I got stuck in to the Classic Cosmopolitan, done just right. Though I don't think I've quite mastered lighting the orange peel just yet...
JustRach making cosmopolitan
Classic Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Heads stuffed full of new cocktail making information we took a short break to get our thinking caps on and let our creative juices flow before heading back in to concoct our own special drink. We took the opportunity in the break to head outside onto the lovely quayside and take a few outfit snaps.
Next Dress
JustRach MissLuxe Blazer
MissLuxe Blazer Disco Pants
Blazer: Miss Luxe // Boots c/o She Likes // Necklace c/o oNecklace
MissLuxe Blazer SheLikes Boots
We headed back in and got to work - tasting, testing and experimenting - trying to use all of the information we'd been given during the session.
JustRach making cocktails
(Photo credit:
After two attempts I finally settled on my drink. I present to you....
Old Dog New Tricks Gin Cocktail
The Old Dog, New Tricks - a modern twist on a classic gin cocktail.
I've always loved Manchester, more than any other city I've been to and that's for it's ability to make you feel at home, whilst still feeling like a city. In London I feel very small and insignificant, and often overwhelmed - whereas in Manchester I feel very calm and cosy. I adore the mix of old and new buildings scattered about. Warm red brick sandwiched between cool glass and metal. I based my cocktail on these things that I love about Manchester the most - a classic giant, yet undeniably modern.
I scribbled the recipe onto the back of a business card as I went along, so if you're curious to know what it tastes like...
1. Fill a short glass with crushed ice
2. Add 50ml gin to a cocktail strainer
3. Squeeze in the juice of half an orange.
4. Add 25ml orange curacao
5. Add 25ml cranberry
6. Add just a dash of cane sugar syrup (to taste)
7. Strain the lot into the glass
8. Garnish with a slice of orange and a sprig of mint
9. Enjoy!
Thank you so much to the Millenium & Copthorne Hotel staff for making us feel incredibly welcome and to Joesbloggers for inviting us along to such a fantastic event!
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