Sunday, 6 July 2014

Protecting your iPhone: Keep it Snugg

I have an iPhone 5c - couple that with being completely and utterly accident prone and you can immediately understand why for me a phone case is a matter of protection, not only of style.
Snugg iPhone 5c Leather Pouch Review
I was kindly sent this gorgeous baby blue iPhone case by the lovely people at Snugg and it's come in endlessly handy for protecting my phone from scrapes and bumps. Plus, I think it matches beautifully with my coral pink iPhone!
Snugg PU Leather Phone Case
The Snugg Leather Phone Case
Embossed Snugg Brand Name
Embossed Snugg Logo
Baby Blue Snugg Phone Case
Baby Blue Snugg PU Leather iPhone Case
iPhone fits Snugg inside the phone case
My phone really does fit snuggly inside the case and it's thick PU leather lining really protects my phone from little slips and trips. 

I'm not usually a fan of branding on products, and tend to avoid it, but I actually quite like the subtle embossed logo and Snugg name on this case. There's a handy little pocket for putting money or cards in too - just make sure you don't put your bank card in so close to your phone! I made that mistake and it deactivated the magnetic strip. Whoops.

The best thing about the lovely Snugg cases is the little elastic pull tab mechanism for getting your phone out. It makes it super easy to pop your phone out of the case, leaving it nice and tightly secured inside in the meantime.

I much prefer this case to my hard plastic alternatives, it definitely does a better job of protecting the screen from scratches. Whenever I'm travelling, you can be sure I have my phone in its little Snugg case.

Snugg has a selection of cases for various phones and laptops, which all come in a range of different colours and sizes!

Do you always carry your phone in a case? What sort of case do you prefer?

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  1. I used to always have my phone in a case, but I've recently been brave and not had a case on my phone. Bearing in mind it's an iPhone 4 and have a tendency to smash as soon as you drop them. I have recently started a new blog called 'The Fashion Diaries' and it wouold mean so much if you could have a look and give me your feedback. Thanks!

    Rebecca x


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